Why Evil Jenji? I read that one of the actresses was afraid of Jenji Kohan. I thought it was funny because she seemed very maternal. So Evil Jenji is a tribute to Jenji’s talent, and also a joke because Jenji isn’t evil, she’s cute and amazing person with lots of talent!

Who am I? A little bit evil, a little bit Jenji.. with many Joices mixed

My name is Joice Bruhn, Journalist – MBA Degree in Management, innovation, Liedership – PUCRS.  Specialization on Social Media Marketing Northwestern University. Seo Specialization on UCDavis. I worked on RBS TV and TV Globo in Brazil.  This year in quarantine I began my Coursera time with The Science of well-being ; Introduction to Psychology – Yale University; Influencer Marketing Strategy RUTGERS The State University of New Jersey; Gamification – Pennsylvania University.

What I do?


TV Writer

Executive producer



Multiplatform Project Management
(2018 – 2021) Project management for TV and Internet.

Executive Producer Rede Globo
(2009 – 2018) Creation, script and production of TV programs.

TV Director RBS TV
(1999 – 2009) script, creation and director of tv programs.