The Real Reason for The End of Orange is the New Black

By Evil Jenji

Fans are never satisfied with the end, this is a fact. It is also a fact that the streaming company in question, we will call here Xilften (read backwards), is well known for abrupt endings, not taking into account the fans or sometimes the good script. The true and good script always has some thought conflicts and the famous journey of the hero. But in the end, has Piper Chapman’s path been closed satisfactorily? OITNB completed its hero journey? What are the real reasons for What are the real reasons for the end?

When we think that Orange is the New Black is a story based on a book, you need to understand that a closed work has a beginning, middle and end. But I believe that since the beginning there was a thought to use Piper Chapman’s book more as a synopsis than as a script. This is clear when we observe that the story of the book served to tell only the first of the 7 seasons. With Piper Kerman as a consultant on the series, the prison’s true narrative was guaranteed. And so the OITNB journey began in 2013.

Main Characters of Orange is the New Black
Main Characters of Orange is the New Black

From what I read about the production of OITNB, the freedom in creating the story was total. Remember that Showrunner Jenji Kohan was finishing a successful series (Weeds), and her creative ability and talent was already a reality.

To start talking about this, you need to understand who is responsible for the series and what is the responsibility of each one. Xilften was responsible for the series’ financing, marketing and distribution. Jenji Kohan and her writing studio (Tilted Productions) was responsible for the concept of the show. Lionsgate hiring production and cast teams, setting and technical staff.

Knowing this, and because we have already talked about it, Lionsgate has the rights to Orange is the New Black. Everyone thought it was Xilften, isn’t it. So they are the ones who can start the spin-off process. But here we need to make clear the secret of Orange’s success. It is essential to maintain the characteristics in the spin-off, that Jenji Kohan and her team are in charge of this project. What makes us like Orange is not just the love for the characters, but the contextualization of the stories, the intelligence, the good humor in difficult situations, the messages and teachings. To all of this, we must thank Jenji Kohan. If we love OITNB it is because the series started and ended beautifully, maturing during this process. Doing this over 7 seasons is really a sign of talent.

Knowing this, we understand better why Orange ended. Let’s take a look. Xilften: While Orange had an excellent audience return Xilften was interested in continuing with the series. They paid for it, but the truth is that you pay a lot for a huge cast. If in the beginning the majority of the cast was unknown, after 7 successful seasons, this same cast became better known and with its proven talent, it became more expensive. The production increased every season. Gradually decreasing the profit of the project. This has become one of the biggest problems for producers. And remember, in addition to the creative part, Jenji was also the show’s executive producer.

Jenji Kohan - OITNB Showrunner
Jenji Kohan – OITNB Showrunner

Tilted Productions (Jenji Kohan): They had created 7 seasons within the same environment, the prison, and recording in a controlled environment is much cheaper than recording in an open environment. For them to change it would take much more money. Jenji Kohan considered that all the stories inside the prison had already been told. She would need this investment. On the other hand, Xilften executives always indicate that it is much cheaper to start a new series than to maintain a successful old one. Unfortunately numbers are more important than anything else.

Orange is the New Black Canceled

Just remembering how the seasons were renewed. When Orange arrived in the fourth season, it was automatically renewed until the seventh. This means that the writers can create a bigger arc for each character, because you have confirmation that its destiny does not need to be completed in just one season. For the creative team, this is fundamental in guiding the story of each one. This is what happened with the character of Taystee for example. She ends the fourth season with the death of her best friend, in the fifth she leads a rebellion, in the sixth season the culprits of the rebellion are defined, and in the last season the sentence and the rebirth. To renew the series it would be necessary to assess in creative terms where the series would go after this, and how much it could yield to Xilften. On these two issues, the series had already given its best, in the view of the executives of course. Don’t forget, there was a third relevant factor, the success made the cast even more expensive. In my view, these are the reasons for the termination. But I also believe that it was always in the plans, someday, to return, with a smaller cast, another scenario, new stories. For me, this is very clear, mainly due to the number stories not counted in the last season. Understanding a little of this process, two situations have delayed the possible spin-off of Orange, Jenji Kohan suffered an irreparable loss at the end of 2019, I will not write about this out of respect for her. And in February 2020 the pandemic started. The whole world had to restrict and readjust to survive. The entertainment world had to simply close for a while.

The pandemic was responsible for unimaginable situations in the world of entertainment. And questionable attitudes too. I’ll give you an example with another show developed by Jenji Kohan and Xilften: Glow.

Glow was in the middle of shooting the fourth season when the pandemic started. The series was simply canceled! no end, no explanation, nothing. Total disrespect for the audience. When this happened, I understood that I represent only a credit card number for Xilften. Were there alternatives? Yes, it could be ended with a two-hour film shot after the pandemic, it could have the season ended after the pandemic. They just chose to close without further explanation.

Now the question is worth a billion dollars. Will OITNB have a spin-off? I believe so. The team has a very strong emotional connection with the project, and between us, there are many stories to be told, you know very well what they are. This will happen when Jenji sets this up with Lionsgate. I think it may or may not happen on Xilften, there is no such obligation. So what we have left is to continue talking about this and who knows, send good energy so that the world can conspire in our favor.

Next Monday Evil Jenji Show return, stay tuned.

The ideas here are mine. Conclusions made by reading news and interviews about Orange is the New Black.

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