10 stories I would like to see Jenji Kohan tell in Orange is the New Black Spin-off

By Evil Jenji

Creating stories is like playing god, defining the fate of people who don’t exist. We miss Orange, it left us deprived of contact with our imaginary friends! Haha But if you have a creative mind, this can be a lot of fun. I fill this void with my own stories. In my head I know the characters so much that I can understand what each of them would do in other situations. I bring you a little bit of this exercise. Have fun (it’s funny play Jenji Kohan game).

Mainly, I’m doing my thing, and I hope people like it. I don’t say, ‘I’m going to write something radical and hope it reverberates throughout society.’ The goal is to write a solid, entertaining, engaging show. Jenji Kohan

1- Frieda Berlin, Carol and Barb – How about doing an OITNB version of 30 years ago, when Frieda, Carol and Barb were young and rioted the prison with their need for power and evil? I’m sure there could be a beautiful and interesting spin-off with just these 3 characters, in a different political context … with more flashbacks outside of prevention showing the sisters’ rivalry, their sick potential and their friend Frieda, with unlimited capacity for creativity to get away from problems.

2- Maritza & Flaca – It would certainly be the right pair to bet on comedy, even though Maritza was deported at the end of OITNB. The series could even take place in some city in Colombia where Maritza was born. Showing her difficulties in adapting to the place, since she lived her entire life in the USA. At some point Flaca leaves the prison and goes there to find her friend. It could be a kind of EMILY IN PARIS in Colombia.

3- Nicky & Red and Morello- The focus here would be on mental illness and the behavior we have towards them. There is a lot of crazy character in Orange, we can add to this group, Suzanne and Lolly in a psychiatric hospital. And with them Nicky, who pretended to be crazy to accompany and take care of her friends … doesn’t this give a spin-off? And we can still learn a lot about the difference about Alzheimer and Dementia. These are subjects rarely treated by fiction.

4- Rosa Cisneros – This is in my opinion one of the most complete characters of OITNB. MASTER! How would the spin-off be? The supposed end of the series everyone knows, Rosa dies of cancer. And the life of young Rosa robbing banks? Yes, it would make a beautiful story, even more if I intercalated Rosa Jovem with Miss Rosa. I could even imagine that young Rosa at some point met Carol, Barb and Frieda …

5- Taystee – Not being able to be exonerated by Piscatella’s death, was only one point in her trajectory of unfinished issues at the end of OITNB. She wanted to see her work in front of the Poussey foundation, wanted to see her fighting for her innocence, wanted to see her become a leader and change the future of several other inmates. She wanted to see other memories of her and Poussey Washington together in prison. We all want justice for Taystee! I wanted to see her free, at a time when black leaders are so important!

6- Karla Cordova – She is a great character. Of course, it would only work if she survived the desert. How it would be her struggle to find her children again if she managed to enter the USA illegally. If she tried custody, could she be deported again? Maybe it was a cool way to talk about immigration policy, and the transition from the Trump X Biden government. The American elections this year were proof that immigration is a fundamental issue for the country.

7- Daya and Family – Imagine a woman trapped in a maximum security prison being a major drug dealer in NY. With the use of a cell phone this would be possible. In addition, she has a family linked to drug trafficking outside the prison, and her mother (who is the character’s antagonist) inside the prison. If we give even more power to Daya, the possibilities are even greater! Daya has become one of the most important characters of OITNB, nothing more just than a spin-off with her on the drug mafia and the criminal underworld.

8- Gloria – Gloria’s story can be continued by exploring the lives of Latino immigrants in the United States based on Glória’s difficulties in reuniting her family on American soil. This formula has been successful before, in a series about the Alvarez family of Cuban origin. Remember One day at a Time? Gloria has so much charisma and can easily transition between drama and comedy.

9- Piper Chapman – She is the protagonist, her return would be very natural. With Alex Vause participating it would be perfect, with many more dramatic alternatives. I think there are enough stories for Piper to remain the star in the spin-off as well. Perhaps bringing some other character like Taystee. Imagine here with me: Piper studying to be a lawyer and helping Taystee prove his innocence. With Fig and Caputo giving a more political / investigative sense in history. In my opinion it would be one of the best ideas, practically an eighth season.

10 – Alex Vause – She is without a doubt the most charismatic character on OITNB, and we have an endless list of charismatic characters on the series. The possibilities with Alex are many. One of the best, for example, may be to use Cleary Wolters’ book – Out of Orange – as a guiding thread. For those who don’t know Cleary is the real Alex, who after Orange’s success, wrote his version of the story. The book focuses mainly on the period when “Alex” was a drug dealer. It would be like a cherry on the cake to start the story started by Orange is the New Black.

Of course, this was all a joke, an exercise in creativity. My dream has always been to work with Jenji Kohan, I would like to be at one of the script meetings defining the future of the characters. I spent 5 hours imagining these stories, nobody told me how it should be done, what my limitations are, what the key points are. I would love to learn even more about this.

Use the comments to tell us your favorite story, and what stories you have already created for the Orange is the New Black spin-off. I think it would be really cool to do a spin-off with collaborative fan stories, under the leadership of the writing team of course. I would like to see Orange once again breaking rules and inventing a new way of creating stories.

Jenji Kohan, you are our leader. Turn our energy into a tool to bring Orange back.

8 thoughts on “10 stories I would like to see Jenji Kohan tell in Orange is the New Black Spin-off

  1. Dilma says:

    Ol a!
    Parabéns pelas histórias.
    Eu desde que assisti pela primeira vez a série e já foram muitas outras, eu sempre penso num spin-off centrado na relação de Piper e Alex, mas acredito que dá para abraçar as histórias de Glória, Taystee e Flores.
    Piper instalando a fundação poosey fora da prisão como advogada e ativista, Glória e Flores como ativista pelos direitos dos imigrantes. Alex livre após cumprir sua pena seria o suporte da Piper para organizar finanças, logística, organizar recursos financeiros e humanos.

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  2. Denisse says:


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