40.000 followers: Who are the big fans of Laura Prepon

by Evil Jenji

So common for us to see interviews of movie stars, now have you read anything about who the fans of the stars are? I will show you a successful fan. When Joyce Thais S. Assis walks down the street in the city of Ouro Branco in Brazil, nobody knows that she has an Instagram fan club called Laura Prepon Brasil with more than 40.000 followers. We can say that she is an influencer on Laura Prepon worldwide. But most people, even Laura Prepon, may not know her.

Evil Jenji- When and Why did you start the Laura Prepon Brasil profile?

Joyce – I joined the fandom and started following the @Lauraprepon.brasil page on Facebook because I was very interested in everything related to Laura, I researched a lot. I started sending photos to the fun page and ended up being invited to be part of the team. At the same time the profile on Instagram appeared. After 2 months, the profile administrator left and only me remained. As I am in love with Laura I continued.

Evil Jenji- Why do you think your profile reached over 40.000 followers?

Joyce- I was lucky for Laura to mark my page in a post. From 1000 followers I jumped to 10,000 in less than a month. After that with each new season I gained a lot of followers. I think the main reason is the search for news and sometimes they think it is a profile of Laura herself dedicated to Brazilians.

Evil Jenji – Do you consider yourself a researcher, a detective or a fan of laura Prepon?

Joyce- I researched a lot about her, so I think I can be considered a researcher, not a detective, but certainly a big fan.

Evil Jenji- What is the better character and better work of Laura?

Joyce- The best character was Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black. The best job, in my opinion, was Charlotte from The Hero.

Evil Jenji- What do you think about Laura’s relationship with Scientology?

Joyce- I can’t say anything for sure, but I think that in relation to her work it doesn’t interfere, but in the personal lives of Scientology members there are strict rules to be followed. I read a lot about it, but I don’t know how certain things are actually applied, in what cases and circumstances.

Evil jenji- Do you think Orange is the New Black should have a spin-off?

Joyce- Orange has certainly covered so many things that it deserves to be continued in some way. I would like the story to be about Vauseman, but continuing the story of Daya, Taytee or even immigration would be nice.

Evil Jeni- Do you think you will ever meet Laura Prepon?

Joyce- I don’t think I’ll ever meet her, but if it happened, honestly, I wouldn’t know what to say to her!

4 thoughts on “40.000 followers: Who are the big fans of Laura Prepon

  1. Marika says:

    Orange is the new black è ua delle serie che abbia mai visto. Mi sono commossa per ogni storia dei vari personaggi.
    Mi piacerebbe tanto che il personaggio di Daynara avesse una bella fine.
    Mi piace molto il personaggio di Daynara e la storia con John Bennett. Infatti vorrei tanto che ritornasse il personaggio di John Bennett nella serie.
    Poi mi piace molto ache il personaggio di Gloria e quello di Piper.

    Liked by 1 person

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