Laura Prepon, Alex Vause of OITNB, Under All Sides

By Evil Jenji

I believe that a lot of Orange is the New Black is under the guard of Laura Prepon. Why do I say this? She has the most charismatic character in the series, the biggest fan club, as well as an actress she directed a few episodes of Orange, the best-known actress before the series started, a person who plays in all positions, a team captain when she gets on the field . I see in Laura many of the answers to many questions about OITNB. Because of this, today a guest will write about it. I chose someone who deeply studies the life of Laura Prepon. I also chose it because she is a person with analytical power, without putting her feelings first. Her name is Joyce Thais. Joyce is the owner of the profile @lauraprepon.brasil with more than 40 thousand followers. She breathes Laura Prepon (as a detective) since the beginning of Orange is the New Black. If you are a fan of the actress, see what Joyce has to say about it.

By Laura Prepon Brasil

Laura Helene Prepon was born in Watchung, New Jersey in the USA on March 7, 1980 daughter of Michael and Marjorie Prepon, the youngest of 5 siblings.

The beginning
Laura started her career at age of 15 as a model, after one of her older sisters came up with the idea. It wasn’t a very easy start, she had lost her father at the age of 13 because a heart attack. In the search for a modeling career, Laura went through her second trauma, when she looked at her body and realizing that she was overweight. Unfortunately her mother, a bulimic person, taught her daughter what her secret for good shape. So Laura become a bulimic teenager, which accompanied her into adulthood.

The career
Laura went to Europe at the age of 16, and lived there for 2 years. That was when she started acting, doing some commercials for television. As soon as she returned to the US she started acting classes and
auditions for TV series. Her first job as an actress was at the age of 18 on the TV show That ’70s show that had 8 seasons. In the meantime Laura has made some movies. Getting auditions and acting was not easy to her. As much as she tried, she lost some roles because of the color of her hair, which was a natural red.

Before finishing that ’70s Show Laura dyed her hair blonde to participate in a movie. It was at this same time that she had her first public relationship, Chris Masterson who is also an actor and brother to her co-star Danny Masterson. She dated Chris for almost 7 years.

the beginning in Scientology
At 19 Laura was introduced by brother-in-law Danny Masterson to a religion called Scientology, in which she is still a member to this day. With the end of the relationship with Chris she had her second public relationship with Scott Michael who is also an actor. They stayed together for 5 years.

You can follow all of Laura Prepon’s work as an actress, director and producer on the IMDB website. Click here.

In 2012 Orange is the New Black appeared in her life. And after that Laura Prepon would never be the same. In the series she plays a lesbian drug dealer who had an initially toxic relationship with the main character played by Taylor Schilling. 10 years later they end up meeting again, this time in prison.

The wedding
Still performing in Orange is the New Black, Laura started dating Actor Ben Foster, her childhood friend. Some fans believe that the marriage was set up by Scientology, a religion she has been a part of for many years. Everything happened quickly with Ben and because she completely changed the behavior of the actress, fans connected facts, since Scientology is radically opposed to homosexuality. Laura and Ben have been together since 2018 and have a couple of children. Ella, who was born just before the start of filming for the sixth season of OITNB, and a boy who never got his name out (called Taylor Jr. by fans) in February 2020.

In addition, Laura has focused on her work projects as YouTuber and writer. Her YouTube channel was created in 2018. It is where she shares quick, easy and healthy recipes weekly. Laura inherited her love for cooking from her mother, Marjorie Prepon. This is really a pleasure for the actress, combining her knowledge with motherhood, the kitchen is also a way of honoring her mother and the education she received (Remembering that her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 8 years ago).

Laura has already written two books about the subject: One released in 2016 called “The stash plan on healthy living and recipes”, and “You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood released” in 2020 in which she shares some of her personal life and childcare.

Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon

I have two different points of view regarding the friendship of Laura and Taylor. I start with the chemistry that exists between them and can be seen by anyone. It was something very natural that surprised not only them, but also the production team that was in the reading room the day they took the chemistry test. In addition to chemistry, they had such an incredible connection that they mirrored each other, not only in gestures, but in speech and clothing. They had a friendship that was not seen in the public eye, which further stirred the fans’ imagination and heightened speculation as to whether there was anything more.

Mirroring is the behavior in which a person copies another person’s mimicry gestures, body language and facial expressions. It is a way of relating and establishing understanding with someone. It is a powerful tool, which we use instinctively without being aware of it.

Their appearances were limited to work, events and interviews about Orange is the New Black. We rarely saw them together outside of these environments and it was in these small appearances that the fans noticed the approach of the two. They were always together most of the time, showing complicity. Taylor is a private person, most of the photos came from Laura’s social media. Some points that lead me to believe that something may have happened between them are what I already mentioned, how Laura changed her behavior at a certain moment. Female friendships have given way to male companies. As she is from Scientology, I started researching about this, trying to learn a little. In this research I found out that they preach homophobia and that their members have some rules to be followed. They can even be blackmailed if they want to leave the religion. I will not go into details, but it is a very prejudiced speech.

A few months after the change in behavior Laura started a relationship with actor Ben Foster, who today is her husband and father of their children. They met in adolescence, they hardly saw each other in these 18 years of friendship, nothing more than that. Aftern that together Laura changed even more. She closed herself. I like to call this stage the bubble effect or enclosure. Her new life was summed up in Ben Foster’s world… And work. In less than 6 months Laura got engaged and got pregnant with her first daughter, and got married about 2 months before her daughter turned 1 year old.

In the meantime we saw Laura involved with Orange. If Laura and Taylor were just friends, why couldn’t they be seen together? Or because they were avoiding being in the same place except on the recording set? Why did everything get so weird? These were questions that I and other people had. I ended up attributing this distance and this strangeness to Scientology. From what little I learned this could be really possible.

Of course, this is a theory, my theory. I can’t say that for sure. I have no way of proving them. I do not say that they have a solid relationship, because Taylor also had others in this period. But I would say that something like a “colorful” friendship may have happened, or they just had this great sexual tension that helped build their characters on Orange and there was never really anything between them.

kisses, Joyce Thais

By Evil Jenji

I think it is human nature that people need to find concrete definitions for everything. This may help with numbers and math, but it does little for people and humans. There is much more than yes and no in relationships. If it were not so, it would be very annoying. I hope they remain close, looking into each other’s eyes and understanding each other. If this is what they secretly have, it is fine by me, as long as it is genuine and mainly, that it happens.


2 thoughts on “Laura Prepon, Alex Vause of OITNB, Under All Sides

  1. Catherine Owen says:

    I Love all the different story lines in the show and all the issues around sexuality, LGBT and All the Races, which you have made visible and ground breaking. I am truly obsessed by Orange and have watched 14 times and I Truly Love Alex & Piper, there my favourites and I like all the other cast too. Thank You So Very Much for bringing Orange to Netflix. I’m your Huge Fan for Always & Forever.

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