Spin-Off with Latinas from Orange Is The New Black, Why not?

By Evi Lenji

I was born in Brazil and I am a descendant of Germans. This is very common in the southern of the country. I classify myself as a person rarely represented in the cinema or in the series . If I were in Lichfield, I would go to the Latin group, because although it is not physically similar to the Latin stereotype, I think exactly the same way. We are passionate, warm and motherly people. This is all to explain why I defend Lichfield Latinas so much, and why I think there are 100% possible spin-off from Orange is the New Black with Daya, Aleida, Gloria, Flaca, Maria, Blanca and friends. I can prove how and why this is possible. Another exercise in creativity for our long-awaited spin-off.

10 reasons to love an Orange is the New Black spin-off with the cast of latinas!

1- There were nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States in 2017, accounting for approximately 18% of the total U.S. population. For more information click here.

percentage of the Latino population by state in the United States, including Puerto Rico.

2- The Latin characters in Orange is the New Black are responsible for much of the humor in the series.

3-The character Daya is one of the ones that grew the most and if in the series, often becoming the protagonist role. She is involved in various plots in history. Like his mother and family, the son raised by a guard, a woman abandoned by the child’s father, a drug dealer, a murderer, leadership in the prison All are unfinished stories.

Dascha Polanco in Orange Is the New Black

4-Immigration in the United States is always a topic in the news. In each new American president, the policy related to the issue changes. It’s a topic that Americans are always debating.

5- Other series had a strong appeal when it came to Latin immigration. One of the most recent examples was One Day At a Time about a family of very funny Cuban descendants. It was a critical success, so much so that the public managed to save after its cancellation.

One day at a Time

6- There is still no national movement to defend Latinos against prejudice in the United States. Latinos also need a Latino Lives Matter.

7- Selenis Leyva who plays Gloria is one of the most beloved characters in Orange is the New Black, and like Piper, she is now out of prison! The story of her arrival in the United States leaving her children to try a better life in another country, it is wonderful, and can be better explored in a spin-off. It is the story of a maternal person who is forced to abandon their children, look what a beautiful synopsis for a spin-off!

Selenis Leyva

8- The Latinas are the most united group in Orange is the New Black and they are always willing to help Others. They are a true team! Sometimes they are capable of extreme measures out of love.

9- In real life, Dascha Polanco, in addition to his Latin origin, is a new concept of beauty in American showbiz, which has changed the self-esteem of thousands of women, not just Latinos. Her beauty differs from the skinny pattern as a model.

Dascha Polanco

10- Latinos have already shown their strength in the American showbiz, they just need a bigger chance! See the examples of Rita Moreno, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Stefan, Andy Garcia, Sônia Braga, Raquel Welch, Gisele Bundchen, Ricardo Montalbán, Freddie Prinze Jr.

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I only have one request for Jenji Kohan in this Spin-off, which has a character of Brazilian origin. Brazil has always been one of the places where OITNB has been most watched in the world. It would be a gift for Brazilian fans.

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