Are you on the Alex Vause Team or Piper Chapman Team?

by Evil Jenji

I’m on Instagram like Evil Jenji since 2018, and my goal was to understand more about the world of fans. Of course I am also one of them, but I am also a journalist so my motivation was a little bit different, maybe to combine the useful with the pleasant. Orange can deal with extremely deep and human subjects, it is often almost a sociology class. But the big first question for fans (or most of them) is to know who do you identify with, Alex or Piper?

I really like numbers, statistics. I first tried to find out how many characters participated in Orange during the 7 seasons, I did not find this exact number. After that, I tried to find out if there was any research on who likes Piper the most, who likes Alex the most. I didn’t find it either.

So I used my profile on Instagram and did a little research through Stories. Do you prefer Piper or Alex? 150 people responded, 70% of people preferred Alex. Still, I wanted a number that would be able to reach a larger number of people.

Only then did I realize that I could use Google to discover some information about this. I will share my discoveries with you here.

Using Google trends, I compared searches between the two characters.

Google Trends

Today the chart looks like this: 66 points Alex, 62 points for Piper. But remember that this number changes every day, and the graph shows that according to the past year until today (from November 2019 to November 2020).

World map: Blue for Alex, red for Piper

You can discover more Alex or Piper countries, for example. And if you select your country, you can see this by region. Probably Netflix has this data, but unfortunately we don’t have access. While the Spin-off is not announced, and I hope that one day it will be, Let’s have fun here.

If you access this link below, you can filter your city or country and find out what the proportion is around the world. Try it!

I’ve been following this chart for the past few days, and the difference between the two characters is relatively small, and they alternate in the lead. I concluded with this, what Orange fans have known for a long time: They love Piper and Alex! I particularly agree with Jenji Kohan, the two characters work better together than apart. I’m sure the fans also agree with this.

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