Let’s help Jenji Kohan choose the characters from Orange’s Spin-off

It would be a dream to be able to choose the characters that we like most about Orange to participate in the spin-off, wouldn’t it? Imagine that you are Jenji Kohan, who you would like to write about? Let’s create another rule for our game. You can choose a maximum of 5 characters, who would they be?

I did a new search on Google Trends, comparing some actresses from Orange and the series. No term or cast surpasses the popularity of the term ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. So if the criterion of choice was popularity on Google, we would have an eighth season. Tip one for you Jenji Kohan !! If the criterion of choice were which actresses are most popular on Google we would have a surprise … look who they are

Surprised! Ruby Rose and Lauren Lapkus are Google search champions, followed by Laverne Cox and Laura Prepon further.

Google Trends

But that does not mean that the characters they played are also the most popular. In next week’s post you’ll get to know the most popular OITNB characters on Google. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites up here.

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