5 questions for the Hairstylist of Orange is the New Black

By Evil Jenji

You may not know Dierdre Harris but you should consult IMDB to find out all the films and series she has participated in. There are many, and above all, she made Orange is the New Black his home after being the Hairstylist for many seasons. I met Dierdre on Instagram, she is an extremely kind person. Plus, we have something in common: WE WANT THE SPIN-OFF OF ORANGE! I asked her 5 questions, because my interviews are short. Want a tip? Add her to your social networks, you’ll like it!

Evil Jenji: Tell us what was your work on the Orange is the new black team, what did you do, in which seasons? who did you work with?

Dierdri Harris: I was the Key and Co-Key Hairstylist season 1-7.  I mainly worked on Uzo Aduba, Daniel Brooks, Adrienne Moore, Laverne Cox, Jackie Cruz, Madeline Brewer, Lorraine Toussaint, Emily Tarvers, Emma Myles, Catherine Curtain, Jessica Pimentel and so many more. It all depended on how fast we needed to get them on set.

Evil Jenji: What are the cutest memories you have behind the scenes of Orange is the New Black?

Dierdri Harris: When Lisa Vinnecour put a fake pigeon inside the pocket of my set chair. I went to sit down and all I saw were eyes looking at me. I thought it was a rat. Needless to say we were rolling.  I’m surprise I didn’t scream out loud as I was having a heart attack. ( There’s a video of the whole thing) 2. When Anne Golden sung for the Christmas play and the look on Uzo’s face made my heart sing. 3. The doggie parties Lisa Vinnecour would throw for the cast and crew dogs made many so happy. To watch my Orange family gather always made me feel good. (Family is everything)

Evil Jenji: Do you always participate in #Orangethursday asking for the spin-off, why would you like to see Orange’s sequel?

Dierdri Harris: I really try very hard to participate in it. Since I am one of your biggest fans.

Evil Jenji: As the inmates wore uniforms, perhaps makeup was the only way for each character to express something through their looks…

Dierdri Harris: In many characters the style was to put on makeup so they didn’t look like makeup. What are the main challenges in Orange makeup? Making beautiful women look plain and simple.

Evil Jenji: What are the care and work routines that changed during the pandemic?

Dierdri Harris: I miss the human intimacy in hugging my friends. Seeing smiles on their faces and in their eyes always helped me to see they’re doing okay. The wearing of face mask and shields, can be overwhelming, however, necessary. I even have a under the weather Instapod, that I use to sit in when I’m not doing hair, just a little extra precaution to protect myself and others around me. I don’t foresee the face mask and shield disappearing anytime soon. 

It is very difficult to get interviews with the team and cast. Thank you so much Dierdre for always being so sweet and committed to Orange is the New Black. I will try other interviews, always.

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