How is the work of the Poussey Washington fund more than a year after the end of Orange is the New Black

by Evil Jenji

One of the many great ideas of the series at the end of the seventh season of Orange is the New Black is when Taystee, after being wrongfully having been declared guilty, decides to give a purpose to his life in prison and creates the Poussey Washington fund. At this moment, the story leaves the screens of fiction and becomes reality. For fans it was a kind of life after death, an incredible continuity of the issues that the series addressed. The seed was planted in 2019, but more than a year later, did the foundation achieve its goal?


I got in touch with the foundation’s profile on Instagram, elaborated the questions and yesterday I sent the email. The response came quickly. An interview that I thought could be nice turned out to be sensational. That’s how I found out that the Poussey Foundation doesn’t have an official profile, see the answer:

Poussey Washington Fund Instagram :  I only created the Instagram page for the Poussey Washington Fund because one had not been created by the time the final episode aired and the fund was created. I am answering these questions to the best of my knowledge based on the information that is being given to us on the Donation page. I simply gathered information and made sure that the 8 organizations were highlighted and a link to the donor page was placed in the bio section of the Instagram page.


Evil Jenji: Since July 2019, when the last season of Orange is New Black was launched and the Poussey Washington Fund was created, how much money has been donated and who are the people that the fund is able to help with this money?

Poussey Washington fund IG: $446,315 Raised by 10,144 people in 1 year. These are the 8 organizations that Poussey washington Fund allocates its resources to:

A New Way of Life

Anti-Recidivism Coalition

College & Community Fellowship

Freedom For Immigrants

Immigrant Defenders Law Center 

National Council for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Woman and Girls

unPrison Project

Women’s Prison Association

Evil Jenji: Whose idea was the Poussey Washington Fund, how was the creative process?

Poussey Washington fund IG: I was not a part of the creative process. I simply created the IG page.  If you are able to contact them, let them know that I would like to build a curriculum as a study guide for the show’s final season. There were many themes that were touched upon, and this could potentially be a great learning and healing tool. 

From the Oficial Page: The Poussey Washington Fund will support eight pre existing non-profits to benefit organizations focused on social issues surrounding criminal justice and policy reform, immigrants’ rights and helping those affected by mass incarceration.

Evil Jenji: What is expected to change in US policy with the new president, maybe can make the American prison system a more just environmental?

Poussey Washington fund IG: President-elect, Joe Biden plans to diversify the current courts with judges and other workers of color. These changes will come at the highest point with the Supreme Court and impact rulings in the federal court system as a whole. This could prove to be a pivotal move as racism has plagued the court system for many years. We have viewed first hand how judges have been bribed and as a result MANY African Americans and others have been sent to prison unfairly. The sentencing of Afircan Americans has been gravely worse in terms of years and fairness, compared to their white counterparts. 

Evil Jenji: Who wants to donate how to proceed? Can people from other countries also donate or just residents of the United States?

Poussey Washington fund IG: The donation process is through a website/donor platform. Anyone with access to the internet and the platform should be able to donate.

Poussey Washington Fund | Created by Poussey Washington Fund (

Evil Jenji: Do you think that if an Orange has a spin-off in the future, Taystee will be able to help people in fiction like the Poussey Washington Fund in reality? What could be the biggest goal to be achieved? 

Poussey Washington fund IG: A large objective would be to continue to spread messages of Hope to current inmates and those dealing with immigration issues. The show addressed and shed light on many concerns with the court system and jails. The awareness is just one component, and a spin-off should show ways in which we can begin to offer help. This is an opportunity to actively document the work that is being done by the eight organizations, and other similar organizations who are striving to make change. 

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that a fan took this initiative. Orange is the New Black is much more than a series, Vauseman or a great script. The all team is his greatest work. Congratulations to Hope Kent from Maryland (USA) who made this a wonderful initiative. We just have to applaud, and if you have extra money, donate. Merry Christmas guys.

How to donate to the Poussey Washington fund

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