In Covid times, the current prison situation that inspired Litchfield of Orange is the New Black. It is Desperate!

by Evil Jenji

I found a post from Piper Kerman today with a letter from a Danbury inmate with Covid talking about the desperate situation they are living in. I put the letter here so you can know what is really going on. This is not fiction, it is the purest reality! Danbury was the prison where Piper Real spent 15 months in prison, later writing the book on which Orange is the New Black is based. Look at the letter.

letter from a Danbury inmate – part 1
letter from a Danbury inmate – part 2

What the letter sayd..

” The situation has gotten worse! Staff has completely abandoned us. They came in last night and said: It was so dangerous for staff to be with us, so no staff would be placed inside with us. CO Pate said “Yell out the window if you need something”! Laughing … Then they left staff is refusing to do their job – They open a door throw food in like we are animals leave.

Cameras are everywhere which is a PREA violation. I can’t really express that is happening because it is surreal! They built a shower in a closet which is 3ft in the air you have to climb in and out no shower curtain water is everywhere, no exec staff contact, we are literally alone, sick, afraid, and scared. Without you sending me your address I could’t have written.

We are on metal cots we are black/blue from the cots. Medical comes once a day to check our items and that it is! No laundry access, I haven’t eaten in 5 days – giving me rice with onion or canned tomato dumped on top every meal. Rice is not a meal! It’s like bread/water. Please contact the press walt and contact my friend Jen get her —- verify coith shelby number is right —- so you can get the number for Brian Ross, NYT, and any other reporters info he has and let them know Dandury staff walked off their jobs watching sick inmates because they are afraid  of covid!

Please provide all info to the atty Sarah. We are 18 inmates alone in the men’s visiting room at FCI Dandury, no phones, e-mail, no staff, they barely count us. Get groups of people to call up here asking what is happening with us. Why we are only people on 3 compounds who don’t have phones, staff or real beds. Remember the Jeffrey Epstein guards got criminally charged . Currently are food has been outside the door getting cold for 45 minutes and no CO has Shown up. Finally showed, left immediately its now 3 hours later we have seen no one. 10pm just showed up ? “

Talk Soon 

Piper Kerman Wrote:

Prison Staff are abandoning their posts, leaving people in a terrifying covid situation. This is a MINIMUM SECURITY unit. There is no safety threat to releasing THOUSANDS of ppl in US prisions & jails.

This is the current situation of a prison in Covid’s time. Let’s spread as much as we can! If you want more information about this, click here Insidethewallscom

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