Being a Fan of Orange is the New Black is an Act of Resistance

By Evil Jenji

If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black, get ready to face many obstacles ahead. Some of them you will have a chance to find a way out, in others you won’t. Learn to live with them all or give up. But when it comes to giving up, the world offers you all the conditions and facilities. If you want to do something unique, the first tip is to forget what the world tells you. It will be a difficult and lonely path. There are no guarantees that you will reach the end. I just hope you make it to the end of this post, be resilient! I’ve been through all this and I’m still learning.

To start with I need to say two things: I’m not native English and just vacationed in the United States. I don’t consider myself an expert on American culture either. I usually study a lot about all countries because I deeply believe that we are all human beings with equal rights and equal opportunities. In a moment you will understand why I say this.

Prejudice – I’m Brazilian. Here we treat racism differently from the United States. We have strong structural racism, but no obvious clash. We have a very peaceful nature. We avoid wars at all costs, which can often get us into trouble. When I started the evil Jenji Instagram profile, I was often canceled by people who didn’t understand my way of seeing things. I once posted a photo of a white fan who painted her face, dressed and made up to look like Suzanne (Crazzy Eyes) because she was a fan of the character. For me everything is absolutely normal, I would do the same, I love the character Suzzane. But the fact that a person paints themselves black is considered racism in many places, especially in the United States. Search Google for information about Blackface. I was very naive because I was completely unaware of this movement and what it represented. Nobody explained it to me, they just judged. If you want to be an OITNB fan, you will have to learn more about cultural movements like Blackface and Black lives Matter.

Spin-Off – This subject should be prohibited by Netflix, cast and Team executives. I say this for several reasons. If you look at the series’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles, they’re all abandoned despite still having millions of followers. They are not interested in promoting the series further despite continuing to be on Netflix’s catalogue. Profiles are like an abandoned house. Jenji Kohan, team and Lionsgate, don’t talk about this either. And this is the same behavior in most of the cast, although few have ventured to say they miss it (quite shyly). What happens behind the scenes really, we’ll never know. Who decides is showrunnerJenji Kohan, who in late 2020 suffered an irreparable personal loss when her eldest son was in a fatal accident. Such facts change personal priorities.

Orange is the New Black

About Piper Chapman and Alex Vause again

The vast majority of fans active on social media just want to see Piper and Alex telling new stories. In my opinion, this positioning makes it even more difficult for the series to come back. The most beautiful thing about Orange is the New Black is the set, the variety of different stories and characters being shown in a raw way. Alex and Piper are part of it, not the whole. With the pandemic, everything became even more difficult. Laura Prepon focused on her family and her personal project Prepon Kitchen. Taylor Schilling has so far done small roles or little publicized work, in addition to having practically abandoned social media. Information about her is scarce. It is known that after OITNB she lost her grandmother, who was her great inspiration. Other leading actresses have benefited greatly from participating in Orange. I quote Laverne Cox, Uzo Aduba and Natasha Lyonne. They are now wanted stars! They do one project after another, always relevant.

After Orange Jenji Kohan and his team finished some projects, but without the same impact as OITNB. I mention here the Glow series, which was excellent but had a sad ending when it ended without an ending when the pandemic hit. Other smaller projects were Social Distance and Worn Stories. All are at Nextlix and were produced under a contract signed before Orange finished. Right now, I’m not aware of any ongoing Jenji projects. Hopefully she will give us good news soon.

Glow (Netflix)

News – The lack of news is undoubtedly one of the biggest questions we can raise about the series. A year after Orange I contacted Kevin Beggs (chairman Lionsgate Television). He lovingly replied: Glad you are a fan and thank you for keeping the Orange love flowing. In another moment I produced a video about the universality of fans of Orange is the New Black, at the beginning of the movement #OrangeThursday. Lionsgate asked me for permission to use the video internally, which of course was authorized.

Cast – As I said before, few actresses are willing to talk about Orange. When I launched this site in November 2020, I got in touch with some of them. Few gave me feedback. My interviews are always about the show, about its characters and backstage. No questions about the future. My intention is always to make it easier, so we can continue keeping Orange updated and alive! But not everyone notices this effort.

Fans – I also notice that many of the fan profiles, previously dedicated to OITNB, have either been abandoned or gained a new purpose. I’m one of those who remain intact even with the end of the series and the lack of news about a possible spin-off. It’s a shame because no one has stopped liking the show, and I even see a movement going on, of new fans coming, people looking for the first time. This would be enough for the series to remain alive, at least on social networks.

More than once I was available to activate the series’ official Instagram. I never got an answer. This is for me one of the main flaws of Netflix. Ending the series and not giving importance to the fans. In my view it is essential to do some continuity work, to keep these fans loyal to Netflix. They are the ones who help with dissemination, who do a serious job of engaging and influencing a new audience. I think there is still a long way to go for Netflix to learn to use this workforce to their advantage. If I had to come to a conclusion to everything I’ve said here, it would definitely be about Netflix. There are many ways for the Orange is the New Black project to continue, Netflix hasn’t thought of anything, even the easiest ones like not abandoning official social media profiles. They still have a lot to learn. They turned into a heavy global company without agility in action. Urgently need to be startup again.

Hire me, I have a lot of ideas about this

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