OITNB HITS: Why Orange is the New Black should be a Broadway musical?

OITNB musical

by Evil Jenji

As soon as the fans were informed of the end of Orange is the new black, it is speculated on a Spin-off. Both Lionsgate and executive producer Tara Herrmann already spoke clearly about this at the time. One of the possibilities raised by Tara would be to make OITNB a Broadway musical. Most fans would only like to see an eighth season, but are we going to do an exercise in imagination? Anyone who likes musicals like me, will realize that it is perfectly possible and would be wonderful!

Who are the singers of Orange is the New Black?

Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, Laverne Cox, Taryn Manning, Adrienne Moore, Kate Mulgrew, Jackie Cruz, Diana Guerrero, Laura Prepon, Samira Wiley, Lea DeLaria, Jessica Pimentel, Kimiko Glenn, Julie Lake, Dale Soules, Annie Golden, Ruby Rose, Madeleine Brewer, Yael Stone, Natasha Lyonne, Beth Fowler, Lori Tan Chinn, Kelly Karbacz, Vicci Martinez, Emily Tarver, Alicia Witt, Shawna Hamic.

The fact is that if we look at the entire cast of OITNB, we will realize that turning the show into a musical would not be so difficult. I made a list of the actresses I have seen singing at some point in their career. I counted 27. But I think this number could be much higher!

Here you can see some of them singing wonderfully.

Many of them are not only singers, but have developed a very solid career in music, or using music as a fundamental tool in their work. Look that:

Danielle Brooks made her Broadway debut in the 2015 revival of The Color Purple as Sofia. The musical opened on December 10, 2015, at the Bernard B. Jacobs. Brooks received good notices for her performance, and received a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. In June 2019, she played Beatrice in The Public Theater‘s production of Much Ado About Nothing.

This week Danielle Brooks is releasing the film about Gospel queen Mahalia. Keep an eye out, something tells me that she must be wonderful.


JACKIE CRUZ if you follow Jackie’s profile on social media we see her frequently release songs. its last release was Be Bad in 2020. When Cruz was in high school, she worked in a girl group called Krush Velvet, although the group never signed to a record label. Her debut extended play, Hollywood Gypsy, was released independently in 2010.

Cruz is a part of a band called “The Family Portrait”.

LEA DELARIA Lea has a long career as a jazz singer and in musicals. She began in 1986 when she directed “Ten Percent Revue”, a musical revue with songs related to homosexuality and most of which reflect pride in being gay. “Ten Percent Revue” was performed in Boston, San Francisco, Provincetown, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Many shows were sold out.

ANNIE GOLDEN Golden began her career as the lead singer of The Shirts.The band headlined CBGB in the late 1970s. During the early 1990s she performed as part of the duo Golden Carillo with Frank Carillo. In 1984, her song “Hang Up the Phone” was featured on the soundtrack of the film Sixteen Candles. She performs a revue of songs from her stage career along with originals called Annie Golden’s Velvet Prison

JESSICA PIMENTEL began playing music at the age of two and trained as classical violinist and concert master who has played at Carnegie hall. In her teens she began learning the guitar, electric bass, percussion and keyboards and joined several New York Hardcore bands. She was the bassist for New York heavy metal and hardcore band Desolate from 2010 to 2014.

Since 2010, Pimentel has been the lead vocalist and a recording guitarist for the New York-based death metal band Alekhine’s Gun. Pimentel has also recorded several songs with the band Black Heart Sutra, and sings in the Los Angeles/Tijuana based metal band Brujeria performing under the name La Bruja Encabronada.

Pimentel is a featured artist for Spector basses,Halo guitars, and Krank Amps.

OITNB has unforgettable moments that were sung. This is where we’re sure the story could work really well on Broadway.

The series has already come very close to a musical in some scenes. I will give you two examples that I am sure you will remember. The first moment we saw a musical was at the end of the first season of Orange is the New Black, in the Christ.

Orange has never been so close to a musical, as in this scene from last season, which I consider one of the most beautiful moments in the series. A tribute to Pennsatucky’s death.

I bet you will think better when someone says that Orange is the New Black can be a musical. The musical potential is enormous. It would be difficult for all Orange fans to get to New York to watch. I myself, living in Brazil, am currently prohibited from entering 90% of countries in the world. And I have been at home since March 2020. I can say that it was the pandemic that made me start this blog. And despite this, I would like to see OITNB on Broadway, because I believe in this team so much.

Here I show you one of the most beautiful moments during a pandemic. A post by Shawna Hamic singing Smile.

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