Which Characters Are Most Remembered by Orange is the New Black Fans

by Evil Jenji

Today you will see the result of the vote on which characters are preferred for a Spin-Off made here by the site. But what you don’t know is that fans’ candidates are not always the same characters that people search for on Google!

Let’s see what the differences are. First we will see the result of the vote on EvilJenji.com.

In the first photo, you see the result of the vote, in the second you see the nationality of the fans who voted and the proportion of votes by country. Any surprises? In my opinion there is a character that should be in the top 5 and is not: DAYA.

Why should Daya be on this list? Because she participated in very important moments in Orange. Remembering some: He fell in love with a guard, became pregnant with this guard, gave birth to a son, became a drug addict, became a drug dealer, became a drug trafficker, killed another prisoner, his mother is also in prison. Undoubtedly one of the most important characters in Orange.

Actress Dasha Polanco, character Dayanara Diaz

Let’s go to the second part, which are the most wanted characters from Orange is the New Black on google.

The result is similar but brings 2 curiosities for Orange fans. The first: Yes! Daya is among the main characters, nothing more fair. In second: The protagonist of one of the most striking scenes in the entire series, may have died in the plot, but remains more alive than ever among fans.

Poussey’s death in Orange is the New Black – Actress Samira Wiley


OITNB often predicted the future, as in this scene from the end of the fourth season (2016), which unfortunately was very similar to the way George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020. Murder that took the population to the streets in the USA on Black Lives Matter.


See how is the graphic of the most searched characters on Google

See the search directly on Google Trends

Piper and Alex in first, followed by Crazy Eyes, and a little further down Daya and Poussey complete the list of the 5 characters that appear in the first positions of Orange in Google trends.

Maybe one day Jenji Kohan gets inspired by this information and makes the Spin-Off! I really believe in this. Do you want to help me? Send this post to friends. Kisses!

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