The End of Orange is the New Black Could Be a New Beginning

By Evil Jenji

I’ve already written about why producers should do the spin-off of Orange is the New Black a few times. Take a look at this post HERE to remember. But this time I will put myself in the position of villain in the story. An exercise about the reasons that the producers would have for not do the spin-off. Yes, there are reasons and are also valid, although personally I don’t like to hear them. My biggest challenge is to accept that these reasons can define our long-awaited spin-off. Analyze with me.

The Magic of Orange is the New Black, Reasons to End

When Orange is the New Black started 90% of the cast was unknown. Actresses like Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox, Dascha Polanco, Danielle Brooks were unknown. After Orange, all of them and many others became known and admired around the world. They were being asked for other roles as well. This means that the production would need more money to maintain the cast. Orange has become a very expensive production.

When a Piper character leaves prison, the production faced a new challenge. Filming the series on multiple locations outside of the studio was also at an even higher cost for Netflix and Lionsgate. And we must not forget that companies, before bringing us entertainment, need to profit.

Production was set to end in the seventh season. They would not be able to renew at the same cost. They would need to invest more.

Jenji Kohan saw no creative way out if she had to keep the show inside the prison. All the important stories had already been told. Even though OITNB had many important narratives, its biggest star (Taylor Schilling) had been released. Bringing the story out to prison was a necessity.

Taylor Schilling wanted to play other characters, even though the group and the work environment were excellent, she needed to play other roles.

Before the seventh season was released, it was already speculated about a spin-off. Several alternatives were thought, from a Broadway musical, to a series with Jason Biggs and Maria Dizzia (Larry and Polly), but no idea went ahead.

Jenji Kohan had a contract with Netflix to produce some series, such as Glow (the best after Orange), Social Distance, Teenage Bounty Hunters and Worn Stories. I can imagine that Jenji must be preparing new projects right now.

Currently there are several actresses who are an absolute success and today it would be very difficult to find time for a possible return. So it would be very difficult to have Uzo, Laverne, Natasha in the spin-off.

From what we have seen, Taylor Schilling has only accepted minor roles in small productions. I think she is not yet ready for Piper’s return. Laura Prepon is investing in her writing career, and producing kitchen items under her brand. It seems that the series has been so impactful in their careers that they need time to recycle.


A New Way to Understand Orange is the New Black, a New Beginning

I imagine OITNB in another way. I believe that the success of the series is due to fundamental factors. The talent of the writers and Showrunner, and the talent of the cast. I can see all these people working together again on another project, without the need to be the same story. As if they were a theater group.

An example: Have you ever imagined the movie Thelma and Louise being starring Taylor and Laura? Did you imagine a movie about the mafia being played by the actors of Orange with a cast of women?

For me the real dream is to get this group back to work together again. It would be a great challenge to break free of the old characters to get into the shoes of others. I even think that it is possible to be the same character in a different context, as if it were a dream.

If it’s the same story great too. I still see a lot of space for new plots.

My role as a creative person is to offer ideas and make sure the subject Orange is the New Black never dies.

The fans want more, we want to see the magic happen again. As much as no one talks about it anymore, I always believe. There are many alternatives. Choose one. I’m sure this is possible, my only question is when ..


One thought on “The End of Orange is the New Black Could Be a New Beginning

  1. Sandra says:

    So agree – OITNB whilst I wanted it to continue – it was not the prison location it was to stay in sight of these stunning characters that were so real.
    Personally this series was the standout of the decade . I want more good great programming with great characters / actors and stories to dive into.

    Liked by 1 person

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