What Kind of Orange is The New Black fan you are?

By Evil Jenji

Orange is the new black’s legion of fans are known for being loyal and passionate. Sometimes I wonder the limit in the relationship between fans and idols. What can be considered ok and what is exaggeration. We are talking about both sides in the relationship, because there are benefits for both sides. I’ve seen quite strange situations in these two years of virtual interaction through the Evil Jenji profile on Instagram. I’ve been the victim of some abuse. My answer to this is that there are crazy people everywhere and the internet would be no different. But let’s get to the facts, see what kind of fan you are. Of course, I won’t use account names, just nicknames. Reading promises! And if you like it, send the post to other fan friends.

Orange is the New Black Fan Types

Before I start I would like to say what kind of fan I am. As a journalist I already had the chance to work with people I was a big fan of. In Orange I can say that I’m a big fan of Jenji Kohan. If I could, I would like to work with her, to learn some of the genius I think she has. As a professional, I know that for this relationship to evolve, I cannot commit excesses. So I would say the main difference between me and the rest of the Orange fans is that I’m a rational fan. I always look for intelligence and sensitivity, and I tend to be quite shy in the presence of these people at first. I will definitely not be the person who will be screaming excitedly in front of their idol, I’m the shy one deep down who won’t even ask to take a picture together, I’ll just be watching.

I’ve met many types of fans being Evil Jenji, I learn from all of them because everything was new to me. I’ll start with the type of fan that made me write this post, the blind fan! The blind fan is the one who thinks he is his idol’s press officer, who defines what can be said and what cannot be said about the idol. And if you post something about this actor, it’s like you’re stepping into a space that they own. Strange right? They exist! They are the ones who put dozens of Emoji comments in each publication of the idol. I think I’ve done this once or twice, then I realize what an idiot I was. HAHAHAHA.

The stalker fan I don’t like very much, because it looks kind of sick. There are fans on the internet who know exactly where their idol is and who they are with EVERY DAY! Guys, whoever does this need to look for help. I imagine that the pandemic has left people a little strange, but that doesn’t even explain this degree of obsession. I try to stay away from this type of fan.

The crazy but cool fan. They edit dozens of videos about their idol daily, post a lot, dream, interact, wear the shirt and buy everything they can about the series. I love it, They’re fans like they used to be, full of attitude, you might think they’re exaggerated, but it’s okay because they’re fans in the best sense of the word. The “crazy beauty fans” are the biggest part of Fandom.

There are also fans who take their profiles seriously, with thousands of followers, who know everything about the series, its actors and its crew. Who like to engage, like to keep the show alive forever (I think I fit in here). You have a love relationship, but this is also a great hobby and a way to make friends who like the same things. I tend to like the people in this group a lot.

If you know who made this drawing, tell me to put the right credit

What Kind of Idols Are the Orange is the New Black Team

We have the type that interacts on social media. It’s the type I like the most, because after all, social media was made for this. I’m going to try not to use names, because that’s not the purpose here. Usually this type of idol doesn’t have millions of followers, is extremely polite, they produce their own social media and the main subjects are their work, family, travels. They are people like us. Some are very funny. I’ll confess one thing, I was a big fan of some artists like that, even those who play the villain! HAHAHAHA

The type of idol that doesn’t interact with fans – In the cast of Orange, most of Cast is very present on social media, but some of them only interact with their friends. I understand these people, because there are some fans who are really boring. This type makes unprofessional use of social media. Let me explain. When some profiles have high engagement, many followers, they have a very high authority level, this makes them earn more money. It’s your choice to do this or not. This group does not use this tool.

There is the group that uses social media very well. Yes, some actresses use social media professionally, they usually have the most followers. As they post a lot, we have the feeling that they interact, but it’s an optical illusion. They do a lot of live broadcast too. In these cases I can bet that there is a team producing content.

The most unusual type, but one that also exists, is the idols who try to hide from everything, who cannot handle the exposure of public life. For these I can say two things. That there is a wonderful side to the fans, that most of them have a very good energy, but sometimes these fans have no limits. The other statement is, we always find nice people and not nice people. Learning to deal positively with this can make you happier. Some professions make you more exposed, and this is one of them, invest in trying to resolve this issue. Like everything else in life, we need to learn and adapt. And when it’s something too exaggerated, block it. Maybe hiring a content team to work this is the best way.

I assume that people who are public or not need to respect each other and we only achieve this with empathy. If you don’t like being done to you, don’t do it to others, it’s simple. If someone goes over the limit, block it. I for example actively participate in this because it makes me happy, I’ve met really nice people all over the world, but I’ve also been stalked. When this happens, my profile is no longer visible to that person. Today there are more and more ways to regulate virtual relationships, but it is always a challenge to educate people in this regard.

The most important thing is to remember that despite being a relationship between an idol and a fan, it will always be two people.

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