Do you Want the Spin-off of Orange is the New Black? Yes!

By Evil Jenji

Since the end of Orange is the New Black fans have been asking for the spin-off, but do you know what spin-off means? Much is said in the series that after ending or even before, made a spin-off. A good example is Grey’s Anatomy. The series is in its seventeenth season and has already given rise to two spin-offs, Private Practice and Station 19. On-call observers warn: A spin-off has never been able to overcome the success of its Original series. It may be, this remains a challenge to be achieved, Mount Everest of entertainment! Okay, for OITNB fans it never hurts to talk about the possibility of the Orange team getting back together. So let’s start by explaining what a spin-off is. Welcome to the world of Evil Jenji!

On my Instagram profile many people ask about what Spin-off is. I think we can start by explaining what it means. Our friend google replies: It is common for very successful series to end up generating productions derived from their history. The so-called spin-offs can share the same universe as the original show, continue the narrative, tell the story from another angle, in another historical moment or even focus on the isolated story of a character.

Do you know which series are actually spin-offs?

Angel is the spin-off of the Buffy series The Vampire Slayer and aired in 1999 until 2004.

Xena emerged from a Hercules spin-off. But it didn’t take long for the child to become as famous as its creator, and even more known!

The Flash is an Arrow spin-off.

Better Call Saul is a spin-off from the Breaking Bad series.

The first CSI spin-off takes place in Miami. one of the sunniest cities in the world. CSI: Miami was produced for 10 seasons (2002 – 2012).

Chicago PD debuted in early 2014 in an attempt to keep up with the success of Chicago Fire that won a loyal following.

Law & Order: SVU was the second spin-off of the Law & Order franchise. Its first season arrived in 1999.

Frasier is an absolutely successful spin-off. The show ran for eleven seasons, from 1993 to 2004, and won 5 Emmys. One of the most critically acclaimed comedies is actually the Cheers Spin-off, a hit in the 1980s.

And believe me, The Simpsons is also a spin-off from The Tracey Ullman Show” (1987-1990)

Larry and Polly – OITNB

I can see a derivative story in every character on Orange, even those who haven’t participated in all seasons.

Now a curiosity, the spin-off that was soon talked about when the last season of OITNB was announced, do you know what it was? Do a spin-off with the characters Larry and Polly. Look, it’s very rare that I disagree with any idea of Jenji Kohan and his team. They are just amazing. But when I saw this idea with Larry and Polly was being considered as a spin-off I just thought: Larry was always a failed character in every way. Quite different from Larry in real life. Larry Bloom couldn’t even be funny. I found it very strange to choose this character as an example of a spin-off. But I think the idea died, and I think the right decision. Thank god!!!

What I see on social media is that everyone wants the spin-off with Alex and Piper. I agree, I would love to see it, but it would not be my only option. I like the characters in the series so much, and they were built so solidly and deeply, that I can see possibilities all over the series. I would say my recipe formula: Just put 5 recurring characters and a few more guests to appear in some episodes. And build the story with the same talent.

Of course, I’m not a showrunner, I’m sure I can’t be so superficial. There are many questions that must be raised for any production to begin, the creative is just one of them. Perhaps the question that answers us best if Orange will come back is why tell this story again with these characters?

I would answer because stories that don’t age over time are rare, stories that over time seem to have been written yesterday. Questions for which the human being will take a lifetime or more to discover the answers will always be current. They are characters we love and in fiction everything is possible, everything can become eternal.

At some point in the quarantine I read that Jenji Kohan would be missing writing the stories of Orange characters. The fans didn’t pay much attention to this, but when I read it I realized it was the best news about the series since last season’s release.

Jenji Kohan – OITNB creator

I continue to cheer for this a lot. I’m cheering for Jenji to rediscover in Orange’s characters part of her own history, of the ideias she wants to spread, of the stories that help to understand the world. Fiction needs to “date” the truth more often, because it has a special way of explaining important life issues to us. Orange is the New Black makes this magic happen.

More about Orange is the New Black

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6 thoughts on “Do you Want the Spin-off of Orange is the New Black? Yes!

  1. Wendy hart says:

    It would be great to see a spin off.i love the programme .ots a bit like our British programme badgirls and u can watch and watch and watch especially when grows up and takes a stand instead of the way harry had her like a kid xx it would be nice to see alex and piper finally make their dream come true and get married after all they have been through with each other but it would be also nice for when nikki and lorna get out they all meet up ad true friends a british fan so is my son and husband xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. belga tienen says:

    that nothing official is in the works yet, though ideas have been bandied about. Netflix has not commented on the news. In an interview with executive producer Tara Herrmann did say that the team had entertained several spin-off ideas, such as a Broadway production, or a jaunt into the lives of pairs like Larry Bloom ( Jason Biggs ) and Polly Harper ( Maria Dizzia ), or the hippie-dippie Cal ( Michael Chernus ) and Carol Chapman ( Deborah Rush ). But Herrmann stressed that these are only

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cindy says:

    Tbh I tried to watch and after first few min of ep 1 decided not for me. Gave it another try now on s 6 ep 9 and I am in love with this amazing show. I don’t want it to end ever. All the women especially Tasty I love her so much. Red Gloria Freda Blanca Suzanne Nicki and the others that got bused to OH. I miss them even the meth heads turned out half decent burning the paperwork even though it didn’t matter. new girls not so much but I see why you do this column. I am thankful for your column!!

    Liked by 1 person

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