How Important Was OITNB to Actress Taylor Schilling?

By Evil Jenji

Taylor Schilling was not the first choice to play Piper Chapman in Orange is New Black. In an interview with E! Online, Jenji Kohan stated that he considered the possibility of actress Katie Holmes being the protagonist of the series, but it didn’t work out due to problems with the actress’ schedule and commitments. She had other things to do. And at the beginning nobody knew what the series was going to be according to Jenji herself. I’m sure at some point Jenji thanked heaven for having Taylor Schilling. Finding the perfect actress was critical to the series’ success. And so it was. Piper had a fundamental tactical role, being the Trojan horse that would lead us to want to meet the other characters. Taylor was the Trojan horse not only on the series but also behind the scenes. She was a key aggregator that helped the entire cast’s interpersonal relationships. A big star who understood that Orange had many important roles, in which she was one of the members. This was a feature that Jenji Kohan’s team always sought, to build a team without stardom. After explaining the context of Orange is the New Black a bit, I’m going to take you even deeper into Taylor Schilling. As much as Taylor has questioned her character in a few interviews, she was able to breathe life and credibility into Piper and still teach us to love all the characters on the show. Let’s know a little more about this story?

Taylor Schilling is not a classic movie star, one of those who like to play a leading role in her personal life, quite the contrary, she is human. Perhaps this is the first and most important definition of her that fans need to understand. She will talk very little about her personal life, not because she can’t but because her dream is to have a life outside the spotlight. She’s so natural in front of the cameras that we even confuse the person with the character. I think that the actor’s creative construction process starts with having a total attunement of what his reality will be profoundly when the director says action. It’s allowing yourself to be something you’re not. Being an actress must be really hard!

Taylor Schilling is one of the most natural people I have ever seen act, in a role that is extremely difficult, and do you know why? Piper Chapman is not a superhero who will save the world or the the most famous assassin in history. It’s much easier to play “big” characters, maybe a little exaggerated at times. Now try making someone ordinary into a wonderful story. Is very difficult. All credit to her!

Piper was so important in Taylor’s life that it took her a while to let go. Maybe that’s why she left the scene. No social media, no photos, no impactful new roles…no headlines or magazine covers. Meanwhile, all the fans (and I’m one of them) are constantly remembering something she needs to let go of in order to remain a great actress.

And there is something even more powerful in Taylor’s life. She accepts some inherent sacrifices of a great actress, but rejects some of the consequences of this. For Taylor not to be able to have a “normal” life, it’s heavy. And this is reflected in her social media. She has deleted most of her Instagram photos and practically doesn’t use twitter. And last week I realized that she blocked the possibility of tagging her in the IG. All of this is a clear “Leave me alone living my life.

I’ve said many times here on the blog that some people are more skilled at managing their personal networks than others. Taylor does not have this ability. This is not a criticism, it is just a thinking. Maybe she should review this, hire someone to help her. Today social networks can be a powerful tool, not only to make money, but also to help people.

As you can imagine, I’m not going to talk about her personal life, I don’t think it’s fair. If I read about it elsewhere?? Yes, it’s my confession, but I think it’s abusive to multiply gossip or stalk people. I’m definitely not like that and I don’t like whoever does this.

I perceive Taylor Schilling as a very welcoming person, educated, cultured, sometimes a little gullible. Maybe that’s why she sometimes protects herself so much, for having already believed and been deceived. I Think we’ve all been deceived. Some decide to keep deceitful, others close themselves off, others learn to live with this. With her free spirit, she likes to move freely between tribes, places and situations. And when she somehow finds herself trapped, she pulls away. That’s what we would all do, right? If we use empathy, it becomes much easier to understand anyone.

Season 3 – Orange Is the New Black

Taylor Schilling, from Orange is the New Black to this day

Guys, I love to see Taylor working, but I think it’s absurd that most of the roles are small or in movies and series that are not well publicized internationally. What moves her in the choice of characters I don’t know, but one thing we can agree on, she still hasn’t chosen a role capable of surpassing Piper Chapman. Orange is the New Black it seems that all the stars conspired in favor, great story, excellent adaptation, wonderful cast etc. The audiovisual world depends on a number of factors to be perfect, and one depends on the other, like synchronized swimming.

I think the best conclusion we can have about Taylor Schilling is that she is deeply human. And when he brings this humanity to the scene, it becomes unforgettable. I can only think that I would like to see this magic happen again, it could be in other productions for sure, but in the role of Piper Chapman as well. Piper is also very human. Sometimes we have to remember why we like her, to understand her decisions. But this is a story that only Taylor can write. I secretly hope this pandora’s box will open one day.

And remember, I never met Taylor Schilling, I just read about and exercise my empathy. I’ve always enjoyed tuning in to other people to understand them better. What moves each one is a personal and non-transferable recipe!


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