Orange is the New Black on Social Media, How to Engage Fans!

By Evil Jenji

OITNB fans are responsible for keeping the series more alive than ever. The question that remains is why Netflix and Lionsgate do not update the series’ social media even with so many people still involved with the series? I tried to find information to answer this question. What’s more, I am discussing this subject during my SEO specialization at the University of California Davis. I’m sure, that this would be a way to continue reviving Orange, using only social media. With some interactive tools to make thousands of Orange is the New Black fans much happier.

The series Orange is the new Black was launched in 2013 and ended in 2019. Until the most recent disclosure of information by Netflix (May / 2020), it was the most watched Original series in the history of the Netflix platform. Although the series remains in the Nexflix catalog, its social media is abandoned. There are 13 million followers on social media who have not information since last year. Series fans create content about the series on their own channels until today. Recent fans ask for more information, ask for the spin-off, promote the series, while the official channels remain silent. How much fans Orange is the New Black Have? 105 million , according to Netflix—who’ve made it both the most-watched original series and the best-loved show in the service’s library. The fans of the series make movements on social media asking for the spin-off, asking for more information and updates. Profiles no longer respond, do not interact. No answer is given to service subscribers, as if the product no longer exists.

When Orange is the New Black was being produced, it was the pioneer series in involving the public through social networks, one of the strategies was the use of hastags like #OITNB #alexvause #piperschilling #Askorange etc. You can see information about this in this SITE .

This just proves the importance of social media among Netflix users.

My suggestions are very simple, but they have a huge effect on the preservation of the good concept of the brand, and the concern with its subscribers. The most important thing is to keep the profiles active on all social media, periodically posting content such as curiosities, updates about the program team, epic moments, suggestions for other films and series within the platform. It is very important that people are answered. Just like Orange is the New Black, there are several series on the platform that maintain a good audience today, even after they were canceled. The series, even after their end, continue to yield a good amount of viewing. If Netflix was a little concerned with meeting this demand, it would probably increase engagement, authority and views not only on social media, but also within its platform.

It was with this idea that this site was born. Proving that there is still a lot to be told about canceled series. An example of content is this profile of actress Laura Prepon, published here. CLICK HERE

Or even videos of some recipes like Chicken Kiev, which help to tell the story through senses such as taste. CLICK HERE for Chicken Kiev.

There are several ways to engage OITNB fans through social media. Let’s see some examples?

TWITTER: Poll with the public. tell us what was the best scene of the actress in the series according to your opinion Using the hashtag #orangeforever.

Instagram: A video with a message from the actress to fans. for example: Take care of yourself in the pandemic by staying at home watching Orange. And asking for voting on social networks and how to do it.

Facebook: A more elaborate post to vote for the actress scene that fans liked the most. After the result of the chosen scene, about which scene the fans chose, netflix can release a video about the backstage of this scene, and the curiosities. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A way to engage new fans, increase the view of the series, just using social networks.

This concept of content may precede the release of a documentary or series that has something with Orange is the New Black. For example, a documentary about women’s prisons in the United States, or any other time series that occurs in prison. Even another series released from the same showrunner as Orange. The concept is to cross social media and other platform products.

Result- What is the reason for updating a series already canceled by Netflix? The company gains authority and credibility with this. The product gains useful life by extending its reach. Netflix profits from a product that is ready, no more investment is needed. With this strategy, all Neflix products benefit. The viewer uses the platform for the longest time. And fans are even more passionate about the platform.

Social media still has a lot to contribute to streaming platforms. We need to think in 3 dimensions. The fans, I’m sure, can help build content that can multiply likes for everybody.


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