One Day I Will Interview Jenji Kohan, OITNB Creator

By Evil Jenji

I’ve tried several interviews with the staff and cast of Orange is the New Black, 90% of them unanswered, 5% denied and 5% I got it! I am immensely grateful to those who replied to me, accepted the invitation and dedicated 15 minutes of their time.

This led me to think that who we are professionally (The way we do, the ethics and the references) it took us a lifetime to build. For those who know me, the perfect job involves a shot of difficulty to create solutions that have never been used before. That’s the sentence of my last-best boss said about my profile, and I take it as a compliment.

How do I make myself well known in an environment I’ve never been in before? This is the biggest difficulty I have when I contact someone from Orange is the New Black.

I introduce myself like this: I am a journalist, I have a website for Orange fans and I would like to ask 5 questions about your character in the series. Doing this, even though it sounds simple, is an exercise in learning how to get the answer NO and move on. HAHAHAHA. It is true. It sounds pretty easy, but in the world of show business 5 questions answered sounds like a little miracle when it happens. Do you know what my purpose is on this site? Ask my 5 questions to Jenji Kohan. Want to know what they would be?

5 Questions for Jenji Kohan about Orange is the New Black

I’ve thought several times about what my 5 questions would be for Jenji Kohan. I’ve never written but when I’m rambling, or in that 15 minutes of creative leisure doing nothing, sometimes I think about it.

look, I just wanted to say that I’m a Jenji fan, because I love smart, creative and good people. Before I warn you, I’m not that kind of desperate fan who cries or has anxiety attacks when he sees his idol. Long before being a Jenji fan, I’m a communication professional and I like to do a good job.

Probably my 5 questions should have one about the spin-off, but I don’t think she would answer, I took it out. No spin-off questions. After all, if one day she answers this question, it won’t be for me, maybe for the Hollywood Reporter. They are more important and have many readers. What I think is a mistake, I’m much nicer HAHAHAHA.

First question:

What was the best memory of Orange is the New Black, the one you take with you for the rest of your life?

I love this question, each person has a different moment and when they contextualize the memory we discover very interesting situations.

second question:

What was the character that surprised you the most? The one who started out shyly and then grew a lot, being responsible for a prominent part of the story?

In my opinion OITNB is full of examples of characters that gained prominence and became writers’ favorites. There are many examples on the show. My biggest difficulty would be to classify who is the main actor and who is the supporting actor. I would choose the role developed by Dascha Polanco and Danielle Brooks. Danyanara Diaz and Tasha Jefferson became pivotal in the plot.

Third Question:

Which story did you not write because for some reason it didn’t fit the central plot?

Just reminding readers that several stories were found alternatives by some limitation. An example of this is the sixth season in maximum security prison. The show could no longer use the Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center location in Orangeburg – so the alternative was to take the story elsewhere. Thus emerged the maximum security prison, essential to tell the story of the sixth season.

fourth question:

What were the possible endings raised by the writing team for Alex and Piper?

I read somewhere that Jenji Kohan chose the ending for Alex and Piper because his daughter thought it was absurd that Piper ended up with Larry, like in the book by Piper Kerman.

Fifth questions:

In your opinion, what is the greatest teaching of Orange is the New Black for your audience? And what was your personal learning experience with OITNB?

I love Orange because it was a didactic way to learn a lot more about prejudice in many ways. So I wanted to understand better intentionally was a goal from the start, and what happened without being thought of initially.

My opinion is that she is in a very personal moment, of reconnecting with the world and its values. It is as if you are looking for answers through reconnecting with nature. So for us OITNB fans, we have to respect and understand that from this experience something even more remarkable will probably emerge.

And if you are friends with Jenji or have her email address, please send this post to her! I think she would love to answer. And I’m sure she would do it with her usual wisdom.

Before we want the spin-off, we want the best for her.

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