Do You Remember These Songs From Orange is the New Black?

By Evil Jenji

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of the release of the first season of Orange is the New Black. In my opinion the big surprise was the official Netflix profile posting about this, when even the official profile of the series (@OITNB) on Instagram hasn’t posted anything for a year. There are 3.2 million Netflix consumers who are forgotten. Some cast members cheered. I loved it, because the series leveraged the career of 100% of the cast and crew, it would have been a nice way to say thanks for that. Okay, but we’re here for a bigger goal, to fight for our long-awaited spin-off. Have you noticed how the series has a wonderful soundtrack? The person who did the music research is a genius! There are few songs written especially for the series, what we see is the result of research! Love, it’s a way to remember the series and sound out our own lives! Last week one of the blog readers asked for a trivia, so I’m going to pair the trivia with my love for the Orange is the New Black soundtrack. For you who are a fan, I think it will be easy. Do you remember the scene where each of these songs was used? Turn up the volume!!

Choose the right OITNB scene for each song

1- I love this music! Do you remember what scene it is used in? Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There (Official Audio)

1- In the famous shower scene that was first recorded by actresses Laura and Taylor

2- When Piper spends her first Sunday in Litchfield and goes out into the yard to read a book.

3- When she is proposed by Larry on a beach.

2- Velvet underground – Sunday morning.

1- When Piper is exercising in Litchfield’s yard and Alex is watching

2- When Piper goes to read a book under a tree and shows a Sunday in Litchfield

3- When Piper remembers her happy life before she was arrested.

3-Andrew Bird – Pulaski At Night | Lyrics

This song was used in the first episode of which season?

1 – Segunda temporada

2- Terceira temporada

3- Quarta temporada

4-Leagues – Walking Backwards ( Alex & Pipers first kiss – lyrics)

1- In season five when Dascha points a gun at one of the guards

2- when a group of prey sets fire to snacks during the rebellion

3- It’s the scene when Piper comes out of Isolation and has her first kiss inside the prison.

5- Mike Reno & Ann Wilson – Almost Paradise

1- When Alex and Piper meet in the chapel and hide under the pulpit.

2- Although Morello is a stalker, and Christopher is his victim, and let’s see that she genuinely loves him.

3- When Piper leaves prison to attend his grandmother’s funeral,

More About Orange is the New Black

6- Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Audio)

1- this song rocked the adventures of Miss Rosa

2- this song was used in the flashback about teenager Aleida Diaz

3- this song was used in the closing episode of the Piper and Tiffany Fight “Pennsatucky” Doggett

7- I Want to Know What Love Is (1999 Remaster)

1- New bunk beds in dorms; Two buses with new inmates arrive at the prison and run out of credits.

2-Morello bathing in the bathtub dressed as a bride

3- Alex and Piper’s first kiss in prison

8- My heart goes boom Miss Li Lyrics

1- Season 5 episode 11. Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling
Red and the others weigh their options. Gloria wrestles with her conscience as she moves forward with a plan. Lorna takes over the pharmacy.

2- Season 5 episode 10. Taystee tries to keep the negotiations on track. Angie comes up with an idea for fixing Leanne’s finger. Piscatella’s past is revealed.

3- Ending credits for Season 5 episode 12. Boo dabbles in blackmail; Nicky promises to help Lorna, Doggett makes a discovery, and Piper comes to a realization about Alex.

9- The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home, That Home

1- Riot Finale in Season 5

2- Bath in the lake final of season three

3- Season six finale when Piper is released

10- Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire

1- Caputo sings this song to Fig.

2- Sophia’s Flaschback scene when she is shopping for sneakers with her son and he runs away.

3- When Miss Rosa Escapes From Prison And Runs Over Vee

11- Weyes Blood – Be Free [Official Audio] S6 of OITNB and this song (and the end of the season)

1- depois da morte de Pennsatucky

2- Piper pensando no carro depois de sair da prisão

3- Flashback do enterro da mãe de Alex

12 – Half Waif – Keep It Out (Official Video)

1- closing credits first episode of season 7

2- Piper on the streets of NY adapting again

3- Suzanne and Black Cindy saying goodbye.

13- The House I Live In (Remastered 2015) – that’s america to me ???

1- This song is played at the end of episode 12, season 7 which talks about deportation.

2- Episode 13 of OITNB closing credits, actresses saying goodbye to the series

3- First episode of season seven, Blanca returns to prison.

Seasons – Danielle Brooks

I hope you enjoyed. Finally, this is the song Danielle Brooks wrote in honor of Orange is the New Black. If you guys enjoyed remembering the songs, I can do more posts about it, it’s really a pleasure to hear them again. There are many good songs! See you next week!

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