10 Years of OITNB – What Can We Expect From This Anniversary?

By Evil Jenji

Next year, July 11th, OITNB will be celebrating 10 years since its launch. I wonder how Nettflix and Lionsgate will celebrate. Of course as a fan I always wait for the news of the Spin off. It would be the best way to show that people who watch are somehow taken into account. In my view, there are several ways that this celebration can be really impactful. They could also make a documentary with the cast of Orange, showing some aspect of the story never shown before.

A perfect example would be to show a little of the stories of the real characters that inspired the fiction. I never met these people. Only once did I have the opportunity to ask some questions to one of the opening inmates, but there is much more to be explored in this documentary. Chat with the writers and directors, show more making-of, learn more about Piper Kerman who wrote the book, more about the person who inspired Alex, Red, Pennsatucky and all those who were portrayed in the series in some way.

But I think the public and fans still wait year after year for the Spin off. Series much less important and with more limited stories, have already released their alternate stories. I never get tired of pointing out that the importance of OITNB goes far beyond the barrier of fiction, it marked a turning point in discussions about prejudice, prison politics, streaming, sorority, and more. Never before a cast made up mostly of women had so much audience success. Is all this not enough?

These themes started with OITNB but are not even close to being resolved or past issues, more than ever they are part of the daily life of all of us, inhabitants of planet earth.

We are in a moment where we are no longer limited by the pandemic, Jenji Kohan returned to producing series, Laura Prepon returned to acting in the spin off of Thats ’70s Show, Taylor Schilling only acts in small roles, and the cast is still remembered by Orange as each one’s big moment.

Orange is the New Black’s official social media profile hasn’t been updated in years. Lionsgate twice a year makes some mention. Will OITNB continue to be forgotten?

Orange remains to this day one of the 10 most Emmy-awarded original shows in Netflix history (4 wins out of 21 nominations). And nearly 10 years later, he is still revered by his fans, new and old! Yes, Orange’s legion has only grown over time.

So, if we want a 10th anniversary celebration, we have to ask, repeat this every day on social media. Use the hashtag #OITNB10 if you are in favor of the movement calling for the celebration of July 11, 2023. Ask for the cast, executive producers Jenji Kohan and Tara Hermmann, Linsgate TV, Netflix. Always use the hashtag in comments and posts on OITNB. I call on the fans to join this positive vibe together!

I like making videos and playing games because first of all I need to keep producing content for Orange is the New Black. I could easily do this on the official profile of the series, after all if they don’t want to continue developing this project, they should put it in the hands of whoever wants to. It’s a very low value for a project that, no matter what, continues to have visibility.

This is just the first post related to 10 years of OITNB. I will do several. I invite all those who participated in the series to contact me by email: bruhnjoice@gmail.com to answer some questions about the backstage of the series, it’s fast and will make thousands of fans around the world happy. They still watch the series and fill social media with content


I’m sure you won’t be the only person who will celebrate 10 years of Orange, I invite you to use the hashtag #OITNB10 to help me multiply this idea.

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