Interview with one of the Inmates of the OITNB Opening!

By Evil Jenji

Today I would like to bring you a short interview with one of the inmates who participated in the opening of Orange is the New Black. I’ve always been curious to see the series from the point of view of those portrayed in the series.

She contacted me on Instagram, and I loved it! It’s not easy to get any kind of feedback from the people who participated in the Series, I never quite understood why, but that’s how it happens most of the time. Surprisingly, some are extremely friendly and committed. I came to like some characters, because I came to like the person who plays!

We’re going to call our inmate Mel, and she’s not in prison anymore. Her answers have not been edited. They are exactly as she was answered.

Evil Jenji – How was the day they recorded the scene of the opening of OITNB? Were you in prison?

Mel – That day was Amazing  the camera guys were so nice and it was alot of fun hanging with Piper in the green room  yes I was inside.

Evil Jenji -Why did you go to prison?

Mel – Different reasons (happened more than once).

Evil Jenji -Have you watched OITNB? If yes, does the reality shows in the series remember what you went through in prison?

Mel– Of course I’ve watched it yes

Evil Jenji -Which character in the series do you like best? And why?

Mel – Alex because I can relate to her


Evil Jenji– What was your greatest teaching during the period you were in prison?

Mel– I think I learned that even tho I did wrong there is always a way back to good.

Evil Jenji – How is your life today?

Mel – I am clean & living an honest life in fact on October 8th I will have 18 years clean & sober.

Evil Jenji – What else did you like about OITNB?

Mel – A great show!!! The actors were very nice & sweet (well 99% of em) they treated me like a real human being & not like I was a bad person.

Evil Jenji -What’s your favorite episode?

Mel – Don’t really have a fav.

Evil Jenji -Would you like to see the spinoff of OITNB? 

Mel – Hell yeah I would Love to see a spinoff  that would be Awesome!!!

Mel and Laura Prepon

If you have any more questions you would like her to answer, put them in the comments, I’m sure she’ll be happy to help us out.

I would like to take the opportunity to make my e-mail available. If you participated in Orange and want to answer some questions for this blog? It will be a pleasure for me and for all fans of the series. Just contact me on Instagram or My goal is to open doors, so any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering don’t have to! Here is a place of joy and to honor the beautiful work of the entire OITNB team

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