Orange is the New Black: Unanswered Questions

By Evil Jenji

If we think that Orange is the New Black started being produced as a comedy, we could be surprised at the end with the dramatic possibilities of the story. But remember, we are in the world of fiction where the story only ends when you get tired of your characters. We completed 2021, two years after the cancellation of Orange. What we observe is that the fans, against the action of the time, did not get tired of the characters of OITNB, moreover quite the contrary, cry out for their return. If the world of entertainment is driven by money, the world of fans is driven by passion, which, that is a much more evolved feeling. So I went to the fans, to find out what questions they would like to see answered by a possible continuation of Orange. let’s go!

What OITNB still has to say!


1- After Lichfield, what was there love story end?

2- Would Alex get out and she and piper get real married?

3-What happend with Alex and Piper?

Piper and Alex – OITNB

4- How will Aleida get through prison without Gloria? Does she still have flaca as a allied or friend?

5- I need to know if Nicky finds someone

6-We need to know what happens after Alex gets out

7- Is Daya really dead?

8- What is the end of Kubra’s story? He will looking for Alex?

9- Will Nick, Lorna and Red continue to see each other?

Taystee’s Future

10- What will be the future of Taystee? will she have another trial?

11- What happened to Miss Claudette?

As we can see most of the questions are about what happens to Alex and Piper. And also with the characters that participated in all the seasons. But I’m sure that if we analyze in more detail, with eyes wide open, there are many other questions to be answered and not just with the main characters. See my ideas here.

  • Where’s Bennett? why did he really leave Daya?
  • Karla really died? if she arrived in the USA, what about her children since she is illegal in the country?
  • Fig and Caputo follow a political career? how do you raise your adopted daughter?
  • Taystee becomes a leader in prison issues?
  • What happens in prison in Ohio? What happened to them after the rebellion?
  • What is the way for Alex to be released?
  • What was Miss Rosa’s real end?
  • Where’s the guard who actually killed Poussey?
  • What happens to Black Cindy after meeting with her daughter?
  • Suzanne, Lorna, Red and Lolly are going to a mental hospital?
  • Shani Abboud dead?
  • Blanca flores will go back US?
  • Sophia find a new love?
  • Will Flaca and Maritza meet again?
Flaca and Maritza – OITNB

We know that during a pandemic, performing a Spin-off is difficult. But what about the pandemic? And why not turn OITNB into a story in a comic, musical, film, miniseries, documentary? Or a fanfic written by Jenji Kohan. Orange is the New Black several times has created new ways of doing what everyone does. Put the thinking heads to work, and we will create new products on or off the screens. There are many ways to get back with this project. I could spend hours asking questions about what happens to the characters. This is because they were so incredibly imagined and built, that it seems that they exist and are our friends. JUST BRING OUR FRIENDS BACK!

This website is an open space for new ideas, comments, different ways of thinking. Put your ideas in the comments, participate! New paths will emerge from this.

3 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black: Unanswered Questions

  1. Rose Taran says:

    We truly miss orange. Thanks for this. Yes I am a huge Vauseman fan. Others are great as well but I wouldn’t lie one of the reasons ai love the show is because of them. I’m truly hoping that this will be heard. Yes I know it is over, but I’m not satisfied with what if’s. I want closure. Something to truly remember them by. A happy ending that all the fans deserve and all questions will be answered. I know there’s more to tell. More power for you. And truly looking forward for spin off🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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