All the Flavors of Orange is the New Black

by Evil Jenji

Have you ever watched a 5D movie? It is where the movie theater is equipped with devices that make your chair move, rain falls (when the film suggests this). You are able to feel smells … It’s really a spectacle! I loved these movie theaters. But there is one thing that these wonderful rooms do not yet have the capacity to give us, the taste! Amazingly, you who are a fan of OITNB, you have this possibility. YEA! Ever wondered what Orange is the New Black would taste like? For me they are at least 3. Were you intrigued? come with me…

The cookbook of Orange is the New Black

When I found out the book The cookbook of Orange is the New Black written by Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann, I ran to Amazon! There was only the imported version (I live in Brazil) . It was my chance to have another experience of the series, in another dimension: To taste it! I went to the kitchen with my cell phone and recorded some recipes from the book. The most important. I say it was an incredible experience. These recipes have become part of my daily life. Since then, when I miss Orange, I go to the kitchen! hahaha. They are simply delicious.

Suzanne and Piper Recipe

The first one is chocolate and vanilla. Uzo Aduba’s character always uses this song when he wants to refer to her and Piper. Watch one of these scenes.

Chicken Kiev from Red

Red has a dream, to go back to eating a real Chicken Kiev. The love of cooking is a trademark of this character, and chicken Kiev is the most famous recipe in the series. There is an episode dedicated to Chicken Kiev! I also had the opportunity to cook this recipe. I fully understood her passion. I had some difficulty filling the chicken, but everything went well. I LOVED.

Piper sandwich (without the tampon)

It is said that the scene of Piper speaking ill of the prison cook actually happened to Piper Kerman. What happened only in fiction was when Red decided to take revenge and offered Piper a sandwich with a tampon. But the question remains: What would the sandwich be like if it was made correctly. This is one of the simplest recipes if you want to get a little taste of OITNB. I’ve done it several times since I learned it.

The book has many more recipes. This post made me hungry, I probably will go back to the kitchen. Do you want an advice? Buy the book, in addition to the recipes there is a lot of extra material about the series. Want another piece of advice? If you can’t buy the book, at least cook one of these recipes. The videos I made couldn’t be very long, so I’ve simplified the way I cook it. If you want, I can send you the complete recipe from the OITNB book, just put your email in the comments.

This experience of tasting all the flavors of Orange is really cool. I admire the wonderful idea that Jenji and Tara had when making the book. This series is so good in so many ways that it feels like Disneyland of sensations. Enjoy them all.

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