After All, When Are We Going to See OITNB Together Again?

By Evil Jenji

We need to separate our love for the character from love for the actor. In my case there is still love for the show, because Orange is the New Black is bigger than any individual character, even Alex or Piper. What I’ve learned since the final season is that I miss it terribly, and that feeling is best managed by seeing our actors’ other work. I see everything that comes within my reach, this week for example was the turn of Pam & Tommy with Taylor Schilling. Let’s talk about this?

I go to Star+ and watch the first 3 episodes of Pam & Tommy. I’m from the group that hates watching the series weekly, I prefer to sit all day watching and finish it. But first I would like to say that this text is definitely not about my opinion on this series, but about Taylor Schilling’s participation.

Pam & Tommy

Ever since Taylor Schilling ended her role in Orange is the New Black, I am been trying to understand how she chooses her roles. I don’t think we’ll ever see her like in The Lucky One again. It’s a pretty obvious movie, and being obvious is definitely not how Taylor manages her choices.

OITNB moved her a lot, and from this the process of choices also changed. She no longer had to take any work just to pay the rent. She could choose.

If you look at this trailer, Taylor almost doesn’t appear, because it’s a supporting role. There is no problem with being a secondary role. But I can’t deny that I’d like to see you longer. She is wonderfully good as a porn actress. I’m not saying it because I’m a fan, I’m saying it because anyone who understands about acting, realizes that this girl has light.

I’m not a Piper fan, but I appreciate her great acting moments as Orange’s Trojan horse. That’s how the show was ingeniously conceived. If a show appeared with a bunch of unknown women, trapped, of all colors and shapes, without makeup and telling sad stories very different from what you define as cool, would you watch it? No, unless you were in love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to analyze the magic of OITNB.

We’re talking about a definitely talented actress, who seems to run away from big starring roles. Why? Does anyone know the answer? I do not. I think it’s a very personal matter for Taylor Schilling and that it’s not up to us to say what’s right or wrong, just accept it.

We can look at other actresses like Uzo Aduba or Laverne Cox. They made OITNB a stepping stone to much greater challenges. Laura Prepon invests in her love of cooking, family and healthy living. Will she ever return to acting? I think the pandemic has transformed each of us differently in order to seek our essence.

It feels weird seeing the girls making small cameos, and us here rooting to have them with us for more screen time. The best project I followed in these two years without Orange was undoubtedly Russian Doll. Because I saw Natasha Lyonne direct, act, write, using 100% of her talent. We saw a lot of Natasha Lyonne on this show. THANK GOD!

But what I really wonder is when the triumphant return of the duo Jenji Kohan & Tara Herrmann will be. They have already done some beautiful projects, like Glow, Teenage Bounty Hunters and Social Distance. Of these my favorite is Glow, which had the misfortune of being canceled without an end. It was frustrating.

It seems our girls need to find each other again, and maybe rediscover that their union makes them so much stronger. It’s impossible to forget that the union of that group from Orange boosted everyone’s talent. We just want more, we’re hopeless junkies when we talk about Orange is the New Black.

Going back to Taylor Schilling, watch Pam & Tommy, if only to realize how much we lost with the end of Orange. It’s a nice series, well done and good fun.

I started watching it because of Taylor, I will continue to watch it because it is great entertainment with an amazing story! It would be the kind of story that Jenji would like to tell.

I cannot end this post without wishing much strength and love to Dascha Polanco, who lost her partner this week. We are all passengers in this life. Learning to deal with finitude is perhaps our greatest challenge.

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