Untold Stories of Orange is the New Black Supporting Actors

By Evil Jenji

I wonder how difficult it must have been for the writers of Orange is the New Black to distribute the cast with name, surname and story throughout the scenes. When I finished counting how many talking actors there were in Orange, I gave up on 140…oh my God! I suggest you watch the series more than 3 times to get to know and memorize all the characters. We fans have a habit of always talking about the same main characters. It’s a shame not to remember some wonderful stories that are on the show. In this week’s post, we’ll remember some characters who deserved to have a bigger participation. I want to know more about your past, I want to know more about your future, but I will never consider you a supporting role.

Among so many options I chose one by one, it was a huge list. In Orange every character has something to say and show us. Probably for this reason the series has already received so many important awards for the cast. But the awards for individual performances are not far behind. Just look:

But we’re here to talk about non-main characters. The hardest part was judging who the main characters are, because we have a huge variety of types and stories.

Casting director Jennifer Euston is one of those responsible for the huge success of Orange is the New Black, don’t forget this name, we have a lot to thank her for.

Can you imagine any of the characters played by another actor? So we started our listing of the supporting actors we love so much, and we’d like to know more about them.

Great stories and great characters from OITNB

Miss Claudette – She is very important on this list. Yes, we know your past. But we were so impacted by your story that we’d like to know more about what happened after you went to maximum security prison. It would have been beautiful to meet her again in season five.

Joel Luschek – We love him despite his lack of ethics. Why does he like the movie Back to the Future so much? We never found out, but having this at OITNB was amazing! I wanted to see a flashback of which he saw the movie for the first time, it would be hilarious

Natalie “Fig” Figueroa – She should pursue a political career, nothing is small about this character. I want to know more about her future! Being a mother is of course important, but I think her profile asked for more

Sister Jane Ingalls – She is a character inspired by a real nun, is in the book by Piper Kerman. This nun unfortunately passed away a few months ago. We could pay homage to her in a possible spin-off. It would be amazing to know more about her.

Angie Rice – She is mad! I don’t understand why they didn’t build flashbacks of her inside Orange. So crazy and so funny…

Susan Fischer – It’s one of the characters that returned for last season, thanks for that! But the character had the potential for a more effective participation, especially in season 6.

John Bennett – It’s one of the big question marks of the series, what happened to Bennett? Maybe this could have been answered last season, but it didn’t happen. Maybe I left it on purpose for the spin-off!

Erica “Yoga” Jones – I wish I had known young Yoga! I have a feeling she was quite different. The fact that she committed a crime and was arrested changed her a lot, it would have been interesting to follow this process.


Artesian McCullough – When she got involved with Alex it would have been a good time to show her distant past, who she was before the traumas of war, before being a guard. But we didn’t have the chance.

Hellman – I’m afraid of him as much as Piscatella. He’s a classic psychopath, it would have been amazing to know his story.

Beth Hoefler – Beth baby killer committed Litchfield’s most horrific crime. I got really interested in her story, it would have been amazing if they developed the character more deeply. There we have an amazing source for new and interesting scenes.

Zelda – Zelda is flawless, the only character in Orange who is flawless. This just proves she must be hiding something! But actually this was just a trick from the writers to get us to like the character, I never did!

Shani Abboud – This story is so sad and so rich! I’m very sorry we didn’t know what happened to her after she was deported. She and Karla Córdova have similar characteristics, but in Karla’s case they went further in history. About Shani we don’t know anything.

I am here to provoke and question. I like to see people talking, debating, not letting Orange be forgotten. As long as we do this there will always be a Spin-off chance. So much bad series has spin-off, why not Orange? I dream of a series with so much potential for a spin-off than this one. We hope that someday these stories will be told again. I’m sure it would revolutionize as it happened the first time. I’m still here, hoping and doing my part to make this happen.


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