Do you Love More Orange Is The New Black or Alex and Piper?

By Evil Jenji

I sometimes lose patience with fans of Orange the New Black who are still active on social media. The main reason is because we are not capable of a unified movement calling for the return of the series. The second reason, and no less important, is that most of us only like Alex and Piper, not the whole series. Therefore, we act in a way not to help the spin-off of Orange is the New Black to happen. Want to know more about this? So let’s go…

Since I frequent and interact on my Evil Jenji Instagram profile, I’ve noticed several common characteristics among fans. The most important of these is undoubtedly the passion with which they talk about Orange. But when we look more closely, I realize that what drives this passion is not a consensus. If the specialized circus talks about the social importance of OITNB, among the fans 90% only want to know about the fate of Alex and Piper. These are two completely different paths if we are going to think about a possible spin-off.

Orange is the New Black as a Social Critic

Here are some examples of publications about OITNB in different countries. But there is much more than that. The discourse is almost always the same, about entertaining, teaching and questioning the main social movements analyzed by characters representing the sides of this hierarchy.

With all this diversity, racism is quite a prominent point in the plot, showing the reality of the situation for those who do not understand the seriousness. The United States is also a very racist and intolerant country, seen in several demonstrations that we have seen happening around the world, such as the Black Lives Matter, against the violent action of the police against the class. (Canaltech)

Its more than 105 million viewers —according to Netflix— have seen, in these six years, how a hilarious comedy by moments became increasingly a harsh and explicit social denunciation, raising awareness about the North American prison system and, by extension , about a neoliberalism that forgets how easy it is to convert a person into a number to put in a smaller and smaller bunk, to be fed with food that nobody cooks, a number that may never be anything but a number. And here it would be said that Orange is The New Black has taken the viewer further and further in its desire to transform these numbers —the basis of greater awareness— into flesh-and-blood, heart-beating people, with all their horrifying flaws, charming…(El Pais)

Orange is about characters we see in real life: “Look at these laws, these ridiculous laws that are being passed,” says Leyva, whose sister is transgender. “I fear for my sister every day because it’s terrifying to me that last year there were more transgender deaths than any other year. As much attention as has been put into the community, that’s also made them more vulnerable.”

Manning says season four will see Pennsatucky empathizing will others who are also suffering as she attempts to process the trauma she experienced at the hands of CO Coates (James McMenamin). “What’s cool is that I see someone rehabilitating in prison, which is a really hard thing to see it actually happen,” she says about her character. “They don’t really want you to get better in there.” (Hollywood Reporter)

I am part of this group, which wants the spin-off of the show, so that it can continue its mission of fun and teaching. I even suggest that there are consultants who can go even deeper into these matters. In practice, some important characters were chosen who could somehow represent each aspect of the issues. Orange is the New Black has many main characters, and of the most varied types, it wouldn’t be difficult to put together a cast with this objective

Fans who just want Piper Chapman and Alex Vause

On the other side of the coin are fans the Alex and Piper, or Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling. In this group, truth and fantasy are mixed. The passion for the characters is more intense and important than the show. And it undoubtedly takes on new meanings. For this audience, the context is less important and the spin-off is only valid if it had Alex and Piper again. In my opinion, this position may make a continuation impossible, especially if one of the actresses does not want to participate in the project.

Laura Prepon: She’s talked over and over again about how much she misses Orange is the New Black and her character Alex Vause. This week she was even interviewed saying that she no longer practices Scientology. Which for fans is a good thing, as Scientology is known for being extremely rigid and with a lot of specific moral concepts. In other words, it doesn’t fit with a story that seeks to overcome barriers and prejudices. Laura has a very committed team of press officers. Since the launch of her kitchen brand, every 3 months we see her in some news. This is part of Marketing. She could only gain from a spin-off.


Taylor Schilling: I’ll just look at what she herself always said about Orange is the New Black. She loves the group of friends and co-workers, but at the same time has never been a fan of Piper Chapman. After 7 years of living the same character, she felt tired and wanted new roles, new challenging characters. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of differences between the character and the actress. Could Taylor come back? I believe so, to see friends again, because she needs money, because she hasn’t been doing great roles after the end of OITNB, or maybe none of that. Taylor is just at a different time in his life and we have to respect that. As a fan I would just say: Orange is one of the most inclusive and insightful series I’ve ever seen. And maybe going back to being this reference is a reason as strong as any other. The biggest reason is not because Piper and Alex haven’t lived outside of prison yet. The reason for bringing Taylor back is a purpose, which actually exists. You can make a difference in the world in several ways, one of which is undoubtedly to help clarify and multiply people who are enlightened about what really matters.

The biggest question I raise here is that I would like to see more fans taking an interest in the series as a whole, not just a few characters. I love all the characters, everyone has something to give us. And my love for OITNB is much bigger than Piper and Alex.

My final message is: Loving only them, it may make it impossible for the spin-off to happen.

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One thought on “Do you Love More Orange Is The New Black or Alex and Piper?

  1. Sanaa says:

    Hello , With all due respect for the orange is the new black series, we really need a spine-off, and it’s true that if we just like the two characters of alex vause and piper chapman, it’s not enough , we have to put up with all the characters in the series, like me, i love nichols, she’s my love and i’m really addicted to her personality, it’s natasha lyonne, i’m so in love with her and i hope that ‘will have a spine-off, and I’m still a fan of this wonderful series written by evil inji,

    Liked by 1 person

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