How Fans can Help Orange is the New Black Spin-off Happen

By Evil Jenji

Today we live in a world where if we want something, we can make it happen. This goes for everything, including when we say WE WANT ORANGE SPI-OFF! Netflix, for example, use powerful algorithms to generate information that allows you to say whether or not to renew a series. Netflix doesn’t release information or data from your surveys, but with absolute certainty, that every time we see a series we like again, we are helping this series in many ways. But that’s not all, there are several other ways to influence. Most people are unaware of their value as a fan, user or consumer. When I decided to defend the idea that I would like Orange to have a spin-off, I didn’t wait for this to happen. I created a profile, studied social media seriously, turned my profile into a brand, and with it this blog was born. But you don’t have to do all of this to help make the spin-off happen, it’s very simple. I will teach you how to get more engagement for the OITNB spin-off using your social media. Come with me and I’ll explain.

I have noticed that since OITNB ended, I see fewer and fewer fans posting on their fan profiles. It’s normal for this to happen, but if you want this series to have a spin-off, posting periodically is the way to go. There are simple techniques for your message to reach a greater number of people, it is mainly to reach people who can help us in our goal. They are very simple and don’t require experience. One of the most common mistakes is thinking that the number of followers is what defines your success on social media. It doesn’t work like that, it’s the high engagement that defines it. Buying followers for example is a bad idea. Because when social media discovers this by advancing their algorithm, their engagement drops a lot, making it difficult to recover later.

trivia about #Orangethursday

Maybe you don’t know, #orangethursday was created for fans to post every Thursday asking for Orange’s spin-off. The goal is to increase publications on this subject and thus also increase the movement’s engagement and visibility. Anyone can participate, just post about the spin-off using the hashtag #orangethursday. In 2019 I produced a mini documentary about this movement, and Lionsgate (the studio responsible for producing Orange is the New Black) used the video internally to show their team what #orangethursday was. Cool, huh?

Let’s increase your OITNB fan profile engagement

Do you know what engagement is? When more people interact with your profile. This can happen through the number of likes, number of comments, people who replay your content etc. The first step for your engagement to happen is interacting with other profiles similar to yours. If you like other posts you will be helping, if commenting it increases even more, as commenting has more engagement value. When you interact with other profiles, it’s natural for them to interact with you too. This proves to be efficient for both profiles. If possible, interact using at least 3 words.

Photo and videos are always the most attention-grabbing in your post, so be careful when choosing them. And remember, the more quality the image has, the better and more often social media delivers.

It is essential to have periodicity. You must post at least 3 times a week at all times. When this happens, social media naturally increases your engagement. If you post every day it’s even better.

Time is also important. Find out what time your followers are available and post at that time. One of the ways to find this out is to turn your profile into a professional. On instagram for example, it’s very easy. In professional profiles, social media gives you relevant information about your audience through a feature called INSIGHT. One of the information available is exactly this, the best time for you to post.

Another extremely important feature is using hashtags. The hashtag makes your post reach people who don’t follow you through explorer. If you want Orange spin-off, you can use hashtags like #Orangespinoff #Orangeforever #Orangethursday #OITNBspinoff. This makes other people, with the same interests, discover your content. But remember, you have to be specific in hashtags to get to the right audience.

Remember, this will only work if you don’t give up, because it’s a time-consuming process to build your engagement. On the other hand, failing to do this for even a week will decrease your engagement. Therefore, constancy and continuity are fundamental.


How does the Social Media Profile of OITNB Cast and Team Work?

these tips are for all profiles, what changes is the purpose of each profile. I’ve seen too many profiles of the cast of Orange is the New Black don’t allow them to be tagged in photos. Remember that when you are tagged, it increases your engagement. So if you don’t allow it, you don’t gain engagement.

I notice many profiles with many followers and little engagement. There are two main causes for this, lack of interaction and content that doesn’t engage with your followers.

I will give a very simple example. If people added you because you talk about Orange is the New Black, it’s only natural that posts that aren’t about this have fewer interactions.

There are a lot of secrets on how to build content that gives you more engagement. Remember, the primary purpose of your content is to talk to those who follow you, not the other way around. This is even more important when you’re building your audience.

These were some tips for you to build your audience. They will help you a lot, especially for those who are just beginning. Of course, there are others that are equally important, which you can use in a second moment.

How can this help the spin-off? Every time you talk about this on social media, using the correct hashtags, this issue comes back to the fore and attracts the attention of the companies involved (such as Netflix and Lionsgate) . As more people multiply this information, supporting other profiles through likes and comments, this content multiplies. It’s like going on a parade with a poster, the better the message and the better the protest poster, your message will be enjoyed by more people. Think about it

I have studied this subject a lot in recent years. This month I completed my course on Influencer Marketing Strategy at RUTGERS – State University of New Jersey. My goal is to work with content advising Influencers. If you need help, it would be a great pleasure to contribute. You can contact me at

Never forget this: We want the Orange spin-off, but remember, it will be much easier to achieve this goal, with the contribution of all of us.

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